[Realm][H] <Chocobo Banditos> (3/8H) RDPS/MAGES

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<About us>

We are a casual raiding guild that is relaxed but still trying to get AOTC. We are looking for anyone really. we have experienced raiders that can help you learn. we are contently doing m+ keys both high and low and we can always get someone into one no matter your gear or skill. our one requirement is that you try your best at what ever we ask you to work on. if its dps we want you looking at logs or asking experts. if its orb running we want you watching guides on your class and learning how to use your class around the mechanics of the fight to be as efficient with movement as you can be. we joke around alot so be ready and just remember our safe word is apple sauce. Below you will find a link to our recent raid logs feel free to look around in there. we are not the best but we try.


< Recruiting >

Need - RDPS / Mages

Want - All

< Times >

Guild and server are both ran on the PST time zone. that being said we raid Tuesdays and Thursdays 8 pm - 10 pm.

< Contact>

Discord - lokasathe 8066

BTag lokasathe 1191

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