[Thaurissan][H] Little Dragon Buns <GMT+8> To raid on Thu/Sun & M+

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Hey there,

We're a bunch of old time players coming back for BfA. While we are enjoying each other's company again. We felt it's time to include others too.


  •     Friendly (Almost like family)
  •     Serious Casual
  •     GMT+8
  •     Thaurissan and definitely For the Horde


We have been really good at pugging and have pugged our ways to m+10 and 5/8 Heroic Uldir and want to build a core group to go further.
Raids will be on Thursday and Sunday evening 8-1130pm.

We welcome all mains and max level alts.

If you're a group of friends like us, we're definitely made for each other.

Drop us a pm to get an invite.

    Sweethology, Sherryln, Lunera

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