[Zul'Jin][H]<Diligence>(1/8M,8/8H) LF Heals/DPS

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Diligence (Zul'Jin - Horde) is a 1/8M, 8/8H, mythic progression guild looking for solid Healers and DPS to trial for core spots

Guild log calender -->


Raid Days - Wednesday/Sunday (subject to change) - 8-11 PM EST (server time)

Core raid placement will be based on performance logs and boss mechanics in a light heroic, possibly mythic, trial period (Log judgements aren't to be in-depth, we use them to gauge your ability but they are NOT a deciding factor in the trial)

If you have any concerns or would like to contact one of us, I will add my Battle Tag as well as my raid leader's down below ---vv

Battle Tags----    Me:     Traumatomy#11915        Raid leader:     Harimang#1508



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