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Alliance - Hydraxxis/Terenas

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Looking for an Alliance Raiding guild? The Conquerors are recruiting. We are possibly the most active Alliance Guild on the server, usually having 30-50 people on most evenings. We run everything from M+ to RBGS and Arenas. But currently we are looking for those interested in Heroic raiding.

We aren't an extremely hardcore guild but we have expectations and those not putting out numbers will be asked to step out and figure out what they are doing wrong. Doing 7-8K dps at a 350 ilvl won't make the cut probably. We have experienced players that will help you if needed, and we will work with almost anyone.

Our current Heroic team raids Fridays 8pm to 11pm server and Sunday 7pm to 10pm. We are open to accepting all classes.

We currently are highly interested in the following though:
A holy or disc priest
Death Knight or Demon Hunter tank
Balance Druid

Even if raiding isn't your thing and you just want a fun friends or family guild that is us. Don't be lonely on this barren server. Come meet your new friends.

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