[Stormrage][A] <minMax> (2/8M 8/8H) LFM Mythic Progression

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Alliance [A] [US-Stormrage] &lt;minMax&gt; 2/8M 8/8H 3 day Mythic Progression LFM

<minMax> 2/8M 8/8H is a reformed 3 DAY semi-hardcore mythic progression guild with the intention of obtaining Cutting Edge by end of tier. We recently split off from our old guild to form a more serious raid-team. Most of our raiders have over 5 years of top-end mythic experience. We promote a serious raiding environment without sacrificing a respectful guild atmosphere. We currently have an alt requirement in order to keep our roster size smaller while still meeting certain class stacking / composition requirements we've seen throughout recent raid design. We are also looking to expand our high-key M+ teams with capable members. Our goals are not only to clear the most difficult content in the game but also to have fun while doing so, and we want to share in that experience with you!

We're looking for all AOTC+ players with previous raiding experience!

10:00PM – 1:00AM EST Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

- Maintain 2 raid ready characters [ 1 Main + 1 Alt]
- A team-oriented mentality
- Receptiveness to criticism
- Personal accountability and commitment
- Full understanding of the specs / classes you play

-Cutting Edge raiding
- A friendly and positive guild environment
- A guild to call home


We'd love to hear from you, please fill out an application on our website: http://minmax-us.gg/pages/apply

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