Hunter and Paladin Argus Solo Kills

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While we may already have seen some Uldir solo kills, the final boss of the last expansion is still quite a challenge for just one player and there have been a couple of kills recently. As you'd imagine, the Paladin one is by none other than Rextroy in his Protection form, but the first kill was done by FallingDarkness/Shoot:

As usual, Rextroy has a long explanation accompanying his kill, including the tidbit he was doing 12k DPS during the fight:



This was a real DPS check, and every second counted. Had a lot of wipes around the 6% mark until I attempt to go with the trait "Battlefield Precision". It is truely amazing when it comes to single target DPS.

Ilvl 374
All consumables (except vantus rune)

Holy Shield, Crusader's Judgment,  Fist of Justice, Retribution Aura, Hand of the Protector, Judgment of Light, Seraphim.

Start with all CDs (drums + potion) to get a good instant burst. Pray for other procs such as Battlefield to line up with your CDs. Use Seraphim whenever its off cooldown but wait with Avenging Wrath and Trinket until they line up with Seraphim. Rotation for maximum DPS should be Judgment, Avenger's Shield, Hammer of the Righteous and then Consecration. Make sure you always have SOTR ready for Seraphim and try to use them mainly when you have other procs that buffs their damage done.

You want to use Potion before P3 again, since you will drop combat while dead. During P2 you want to keep slowly moving. The adds will come closer and closer to you. This makes you able to quite quickly stack them up and begin your AOE. This is necessary to push into P3 as fast as possible.

During P3, remember to use War-scroll and Rune again when you ress. And find an opportunity when you line up all your CDs (drums and potion again). Stand in the embers falling from the roof since you want to have an active dot tick on you. This makes you deal some additional damage through Holy Shield. With enough luck during the encounter you should be able to finish him.

I did misplay a bit during berserk, I should have waited with my Ardent Defender until the first Sweeping Scythe during his berserk (I assumed he would berserk after his Tortured Rage, and one shot me with Sweeping Scythe).

Thankfully I had enough HP to survive with 2% health... Thanks Guardian!

You can also check out our recent interview with Rextroy about his specific tactics, done just before he was unbanned.

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