[EU][Laughing Skull][H] <Stands in Fire> (8/8 HC 3/8 M) 2d/week Recruiting DPS!

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Stands in Fire is a mixed group of veteran and new wow players currently raiding mythic 3/8

We are currently looking for any decent dps as we already have a relatively balanced raid composition. We are looking for motivated players who are willing to do their research and put in the required time to stay up to par with Mythic content.

We're an english speaking guild of South Africans, Serbs and Norwegians. We raid 2 nights a week Sun/Mon 8pm to 11pm Server Time with a farm HC raid on wednesday. If you're looking for a decent mythic Guild, not looking to take ourselves too seriously and talk some bullshit, we're the guild for you!

Connected Realms to Laughing Skull: EU Ahn'Qiraj, EU Balnazzar, EU Boulderfist, EU Chromaggus, EU Daggerspine, EU Shattered Halls, EU Sunstrider, EU Talnivarr, EU Trollbane.

You can drop me a message at Terra#2339 or email me at dbowden72@gmail.com

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