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[Draenor] [H] <Survival of the Weakest> (7/8hc)

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Survival of the Weakest Horde Draenor is currently recruiting skilled and highly motivated players for our raid team. We have ambitions of going into and clearing mythic before the next raid tier.

Current progress:
Normal: 8/8
Heroic: 7/8
Mythic: 0/8

Read the Requirement's if you want to apply.
We want you to Link us logs, and armory of you character. If you just switched main its important to link us your old main and its logs.

Wednesday 20.00 - 23.00
Sunday 20.00 - 23.00

-Discord. You are not required to talk. But it helps
-Have an itemlevel of 360 or above
-Have atleast the same amount of experience. Experience from old content is a major plus.
-- Play for the Guild. Showing us that you are a team player will go along way towards helping the guild improve and become a cohesive unit, things like helping others with their specs and raiding where you can, providing any spare materials for raid supplies , helping fellow guildmates achieve their weekly M+ requirements ect
-Do a 7 key each week as a minimum. But farming some mythic + and pushing keys are recommended.
- You must be able to research your class and show that you know how to pull the best optimal dps/healing that you can without sacrificing mechanical performance
- Use time after raid to check logs and improve your playstyle, and optimize your gear. wowanalazyer. Raidbots ect.
- Be Social. This might sound straight forward , but activity outside of guild raids helps the guild thrive and it gets people to work better together. We aren't really looking for the types of people who just show up for raid and nothing more. It's this activity that helps the guild progress from one tier to the next once content becomes farmable and less desirable . We are trying to create a good atmosphere inside and outside of raiding.
-Sign up atleast 2 days before raid.

Addons required:
DBM / BigWigs
Angry Assignments
Simulationcraft (for siming on raidbots)

Whisper an officer in game if you have any questions
GMs: Twopiece - Fardiintheho
Officers: Kontraface, Genomè and Massemorder.

Edited by Twopiece

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