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[QT-AN] [EU] [A] <Mythic Busters> | Time to bust Mythics!

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Mythic Busters is a young yet determined guild, formed by a group of players with a passion for raiding and the ambition to achieve their highest in an enjoyable matter.

About Mythic Busters
Founded during Legion, this guild has always revolved around aiming for the highest possible achievements, while retaining a fun and engaging atmosphere for players to enjoy as they play the game. These players consist of like-minded individuals with a passion for raiding, who look to progress but also appreciate a good laugh and the acceptance of real life coming in first. The guild's goal is to get as far as possible in any tier, helping its raiders to develop and connect socially with their peers. Mythic Busters raids with rules, requirements and expectations but never seeks to force any of its members into a spot they would rather not be in. This is a hard-core guild on the outside but with a soft-core on the inside.

How would I join and what is expected of me?
All Busters who reach the core progression team, receive the rank of Mythic Buster. This process starts with an application on our website to get a general picture of you as a raider and person. If you get accepted for a chat, you will be invited into our Discord to have a one-on-one with an officer or figure in charge. In case you are accepted into the guild, you will start as a Trial Buster and ensue in your journey towards becoming a part of the core team. You will be tested on expectations, requirements and development speed. If this is satisfactory, and the roster allows for a spot to be taken by you, you shall join the ranks of Mythic Buster.

In terms of expectations, Mythic Busters expects all their (aspiring) Mythic raiders to:

1. Above all, remain friendly and respectful during raids. This is a game and there's no need to ruin anyone's fun in playing it.
2. Attend 75% of the montly raids, accounting for a total of 6 full raids per month.
3. Always be at least 5 minutes early, stocked with consumables and fully prepared to pull at the indicated time.
4. Be open-minded in terms of development and input based on improvement.

What can you expect in return?
Being part of Mythic Busters, guarantees an enjoyable experience as you play World of Warcraft. The figures in charge will do their utter best to retain an entertaining environment with enough engagement and scheduled events to keep you occupied during your playtime. This guild welcomes everyone and all with open arms and looks to form bonds between players to ensure a strong synergy between its members.

Sounds good! How do I apply? 
In order to apply, please fill in our application at http://mythicbusters.enjin.com/recruitment and expect about a week's worth of response time. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Beautyman#2868 or hop on our Discord at http://discord.gg/X4p7suD.

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Update: while we are still amidst the creation of our core team, we've managed to clear 1/8 M now with the help of some friends.

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