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[A][US][Proudmoore]<Sakisquad> 8/8H, 3/8M Wed/Thurs 9:30-12EST(6:30-9PST) Looking for Mythic Raiders and Exceptional Players to join our Family!

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[A][US][Proudmoore] - <SakiSquad> 8/8H, 3/8M - Recruiting all exceptional players! Raid Times: Mythic Progress: Wed/Thurs 6:30 PST - 9 PST (9:30-12 EST) (Optional) Mythic Reclear: Tues 6:30 PST - 9 PST (9:30-12 EST) (Occasional + Optional) Alt Runs: Mon 6:30 PST - 9 PST (9:30-12 EST)

Hello everyone! Thank you for taking the time to read this post. <Sakisquad> is a Semi-Hardcore Mythic raiding guild composed of a core team who has been around since Early WotLK. The bulk of our team has been together since early Legion. We are an extremely different atmosphere from the average raiding guild for a couple of reasons:

  1. While we are a Mythic Raiding Guild, first and foremost we are a community of friends. We heavily promote a family atmosphere and want everyone to have fun when playing the game and interacting with one another. Any new recruits, raiders or not, are immediately seen as a friend and will be approached by guild members as such. We choose to have this mentality because in our opinion(s) it is what gives WoW value.

  2. We are a 2 night mythic progression raiding guild. This is designed for the average WoW player who has other IRL responsibilities. Many of our guildies are in their mid-to late 20s with careers and families. However, this does not mean we are only online two days a week. We are active everyday and always have people forming groups for keys, farming (herbs, BOEs, etc), PvP, and leveling. Often times we also have people hanging out in our discord talking about raid strats, m+ strats, watching streams, playing other games, etc etc. There is always something to do, because as I said prior, we are a community of friends, we have much more to talk about than just raiding.

  3. We are heavy memers and trolls. Being a community, we almost always are joking around with one another, posting memes on discord, facebook, snapchat, messenger related to each other, etc. This is no longer a common thing in guilds in wow, and it is something we pride ourselves on--simply because it amplifies the overall experience of the game. It is also a primary reason I say we are very different from other guilds.

We have recruited multiple people since the start of BFA--some core raiders, some not. But universally all have commented that they have never experienced a more friendly, welcoming, and accomodating atmosphere in-game. It is very typical to have guildies break from the game or quit, but still hang out in discord and drop in every now and then to say hello and chat.

Sadly, some of our core members have recently quit or have indefinitely taken a break from the game due to burnout, disapproval with BFA, IRL responsibilities, etc. For that reason, we are now recruiting any and all exceptional players to bolster our mythic raiding core team. We have fun during the week, and on raid nights we joke around alot too (and gamble), but when the time comes to focus, we are 100% dedicated to success and progression. Our team strives to achieve to the main goal each tier--getting Cutting Edge, and we will work together to ensure we get there. Expect to be approached with ideas and strats on how to improve and optimize your performance, while also offering insight for us as well!

While we are having open recruitment right now, our mandatory prerequisites are:

  • Attendance - be on time and online when raid starts. We do not wait, we start on time.

  • Understanding Mythic Progression - Be focused, expect wipes, adapt quickly to new fights. Understand that mythic raiding requires dedication, it does not come easy.

  • Activity - you are not expected to be on every single day, nor are you expected to interact with everyone as if you are best friends. It is an added bonus of being in Sakisquad, but it is not required. Typically, we ask that you get a +10 done each week and provide a small portion of materials to the guild bank for raid.

  • ACCEPTING CONSTRUCTIVE FEEDBACK - This is huge. We will never push you to do something you don't want to do or tell you you suck, but our team is heavily dedicated to helping one another improve and master their class. Expect to be approached with ways to improve, reviewing logs together, planning strategies ahead of time. This is another aspect our guildies enjoy having because it is an easy way to master your class if you haven't already.

If you are interested in becoming a Raider for SakiSquad or want to become a member of the community, please see free to shoot a Bnet message to any of the following:

Chemie4lyfe#1342 - Chemie - Death Knight

Greg#13578 - Zks - Rogue

Drunkship#11268 - Drunkship - Shaman

Rexree#1490 - Nuukgaz - Shaman

Ooners#1565 - Pooners - Paladin

Zilaric#1261 - Zilaric - Paladin

Coccyx#1147 - Sadist - Monk

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