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<Intergalactic> Alliance  - Korgath - Recruiting for BFA


Intergalactic is a Progression Raiding/M+ guild on the Korgath Alliance server.   We are a group of friends who were interested in the fun of raiding while understanding that life responsibilities take precedent.  We are a combination of new and returning players from various expansions. While social players are always welcomed, we are more specifically looking for players who are interested in a fun, relaxed environment to progress through content.   We may run M+ keys, transmog/gear and achievement runs when possible.


What we expect from all of our Members:

In short, “Be excellent to each other.”   We’re not looking for members filled with drama and toxicity.   We’re all friends here and while we may not all agree on a particular subject, it can be discussed in a friendly, constructive, and respectful manner.  A good sense of humor is a must. We aren’t looking for Members who only log in on raid days. Other events will be on the calendar, as well, and we hope that you’ll sign up and attend.


What we expect from our Raiders:

Raiders are to sign up on the calendar for events.  If you are going to be late or if you will be unable to attend at the last-minute, please notify the GM, Raid Lead or an Officer as soon as possible.


Raiders are expected to log in approximately 15 minutes prior to raid start and be outside the raid with consumables and enhancements.   We will provide feasts, cauldrons, and repairs. We can provide extra food, enchants, gems when available, all we ask for is either a monetary donation or help with crafting materials.


Raiders are expected to be prepared with knowledge of raid mechanics, as well as class-specific knowledge.  Know your strengths and weaknesses and be willing to openly receive and give helpful constructive criticism when needed.  


Raiders are expected to be progression-oriented, with the understanding that some mechanics/fights may take multiple attempts.   We can’t progress through raids without everyone working as a team to try and work through the mechanics.


Raiders who are capable of playing multiple classes/specs may be asked to switch to a more appropriate character to work through particular mechanics.  We maintain a smaller roster and do actively rotate people in based on fight specifications.


Raid Days/Times:   Tuesday/Thursday at 7pm Server/8pm EST


Roles Needed:  Ranged DPS and/or multi-spec players


We require:


Deadly Boss Mods

Details! Damage Meter (preferred)


If you think that we would be a good fit, please send a DM Thawn-Korgath or Brawnanvile-Korgath


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