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Hello future Classic players.

I'm interested in connecting with like-minded individuals, the goal being to create a guild prior to the Classic WoW launch. Potential members are welcome, but most importantly, filling leadership positions is the main objective at this point in time.

Guild values :

In a nutshell, the guild will be semi-hardcore, focused on PvE. While dungeon and raid progression will be the guild's primary end-game focus, other activities are of course welcome and encouraged. This will not be an elitist guild. All specs are welcome (to a certain degree/number), because we believe in ''bring the player not the class''. We like to focus on progression and community while still maintaining a "serious" relationship to the in-game content.

While the goal won't be to compete for server first, pushing for progression will still be one of the guild's main objectives.

About you :

You are mature, respectful, helpful, loyal and desiring to create a home in the game. You like challenge and can't wait for the next one. So if you're potentially interested in such project, in being a founder from day-one, this is your chance. Chat me up on Discord and we can brainstorm ideas, potential roles and so on.

Summary :

- PvE focused semi-hardcore guild

- Mentality  >  Skill

- Bring the player not the class/spec

- Focus on community: maturity and respect leads to a good atmosphere

- Will be rolling on a EU PvP Server


I've just started to work on a website (work in progress), as well as a discord channel. The guild name is already chosen, but can potentially change. Hit me up on Discord: Yuniel#1365

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