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Marsh Hoppers Purchasable for 333,333 Gold in Patch 8.1

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Blue Marsh Hopper Blue Marsh HopperSpawn of Krag'waGreen Marsh Hopper, and Yellow Marsh Hopper Yellow Marsh Hopper can be purchased from Gottum in Nazmir for 333,333 Gold each and the mounts are available to both factions.

Where to Buy?

Gottum can be found inside a cave in Nazmir. Horde players can reach the area by flying to Gloom Hollow and then going to 71.25 55.60.

If you're using addons like TomTom, enter Nazmir and create a waypoint by pasting the following command in the chat.

/way 71.25 55.60

Now, follow the cursor until you arrive at the cave entrance. Inside, you'll find Gottum.

Cave Entrance




Gottum's Wares


Frog Mounts Preview

Blue Marsh HopperBlue Marsh Hopper

That squishing sound every time it takes a step? That's a feature.


Yellow Marsh HopperYellow Marsh Hopper

No one makes giant, slimy spawns like Krag'wa the Huge.


Spawn of Krag'waGreen Marsh Hopper

Gottum collects spawns of Krag'wa from all around the Frogmarsh, but only the most bulbous are used as mounts.


Mount Animations

ezgif.com-resize.gifezgif.com-resize (1).gif

Check out our Tides of Vengeance content hub for the latest Patch 8.1 information.

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I see no reason to buy these unless you are a crazy mount collector that can afford 200 Brutosauruses (ya know, 5kk each). I mean it cannot fly and does not have anything special about it except the fact that it's a frog.

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Im so glad that Ion advised the team to release a unique mount gated behind a hidden and compelling story quest chain that took a character to various secret places in Azeroth whilst hinting further at Old Gods.

Because after all the negative feedback and sharply falling subscriber numbers they must know it would be poor a poor development idea to  drop a mount purely gated behind nothing more compelling than just gold (and pushing players to the token store?).

It reminds me of slowing levelling down to push players to the level boost - as many are time poor but now older and cash rich.

Whats next? Another mount and pet on the store?

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16 hours ago, series6 said:

It reminds me of slowing levelling down to push players to the level boost - as many are time poor but now older and cash rich.

Leveling hasn't been slowed down. I leveled two chars since 7.3.5, and it has been just as slow as every expansion before that (about 40-60 hours overall depending on rested XP). 

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On 10/31/2018 at 8:40 AM, jinsu2301 said:

Leveling hasn't been slowed down. I leveled two chars since 7.3.5, and it has been just as slow as every expansion before that (about 40-60 hours overall depending on rested XP). 

Leveling was never really slow if you just put the effort in, but with the rework to Heirloom gear and the fact that dungeons don't feel as rewarding leveling feels slower.

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