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Patch 8.1 Build 28294

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This week's 8.1 PTR build brings new heirlooms, a Flight Master's Whistle upgrade for Island Expeditions, new global strings for Tides of Vengeance, and more.

Check out our Tides of Vengeance hub for the latest Patch 8.1 news!


Hidden Dragon

  • Hatch the cloud serpent egg during the Jadefire Masters encounter in the Battle of Dazar'alor on Normal difficulty of higher.

Mythic: Jadefire Masters

  • Defeat the Jadefire Masters in the Battle of Dazar'alor on Mythic difficulty.

Tall, Dark, and Sinister

  • Collect any armor set from PvP Season 27 or the Darkshore Warfront.

Doomsoul Surprise

  • Complete the Drustvar Assault World Quest ""Lights Out"" with a single Doomsoul.

Scavenge like a Vulpera

  • Complete a digsite while dressed like a vulpera during the Vol'dun Assault World Quest ""Vulpera for a Day"".

Boxing Match

  • Slay a Burly Deckhand without losing your Extra Buff Peon during the Zuldazar Assault world quest ""Crate n' Barrel"" in War Mode.

Boxing Match

  • Slay an Extra Buff Peon without losing your Burly Deckhand during the Zuldazar Assault world quest ""Crate n' Barrel"" in War Mode.

Pushing the Payload

  • Slay 6 enemies while on the assault world quest ""Stack on the Tank"".

Pushing the Payload

  • Slay 6 enemies while on the assault world quest ""Get On The Payload"".

One Shot, One Kill

  • Kill a player using the X-52 Delevitator during the Zuldazar Assault world quest ""Gravity Matters"".

One Shot, One Kill

  • Kill a player using the No Fly Zone Enforcer during the Zuldazar Assault world quest ""Hard Landing"".

Mythic: Jadefire Masters

  • Defeat the Jadefire Masters in the Battle of Dazar'alor on Mythic difficulty.

Battle for Azeroth Keystone Conqueror: Season Two

  • Complete all Battle for Azeroth Season Two dungeons at Mythic Level 10 or higher, within the time limit.

Battle for Azeroth Keystone Master: Season Two

  • Complete all Battle for Azeroth Season Two dungeons at Mythic Level 15 or higher, within the time limit.

Broadcast Text

Lady Ashvane & Sylvanas

  • You only broke me out of that cell because you need something from me.
  • "Very perceptive, Lady Ashvane. I believe we have... mutual interests to discuss."
  • Such is the way of things.
  • Seems we need to find our own way back.
  • "Indeed, my friend. The Horde is at a crossroads... once again."
  • This war has taken many turns. It seems to me our current path is... perilous.


Mechanical Parrot Mount


Mechanical Parrot Pet


Mechanical Spider Pets



  • Honorbound Commendation > Honorbound Service Medal: A badge of merit for action taken on the battlefields of Kul Tiras, Zandalar, and active Warfronts. For the Horde!
  • 7th Legion Commendation > 7th Legion Service Medal: A badge of merit for action taken on the battlefields of Kul Tiras, Zandalar, and active Warfronts. For the Alliance!
  • Azerite Impurity > Titan Residuum

Global Strings

Plenty of strings for the splash screens have been added that highlight what's new in Tides of Vengeance.

  • SPLASH_BATTLEFORAZEROTH_8_1_0_LABEL,New in Tides of Vengeance!
  • SPLASH_BATTLEFORAZEROTH_8_1_0_RIGHT_TITLE,The Battle for Darkshore
  • SPLASH_BATTLEFORAZEROTH_8_1_0_RIGHT_DESC,Fight for control of Darkshore in this new Warfront.
  • SPLASH_BATTLEFORAZEROTH_8_1_0_FEATURE1_DESC,Acquire new power to bring the enemy faction down!
  • SPLASH_BATTLEFORAZEROTH_8_1_0_FEATURE2_DESC,Protect your continent from enemy invasions.
  • SPLASH_BATTLEFORAZEROTH_8_1_0_2_RIGHT_DESC,War engulfs Zandalar as Alliance and Horde armies clash in this new raid!
  • SPLASH_BATTLEFORAZEROTH_8_1_0_2_FEATURE1_DESC,Earn updated rewards and a new seasonal mount!
  • SPLASH_BATTLEFORAZEROTH_8_1_0_2_FEATURE2_DESC,"Increased challenge, better loot, and a new seasonal Keystone affix: Reaping."
  • ERR_QUEST_PUSH_TOO_FAR_S,%s is too far away to accept that quest.
  • SPLASH_BATTLEFORAZEROTH_8_1_0_2_RIGHT_TITLE,Battle of Dazar'alor
  • SPELL_FAILED_CUSTOM_ERROR_387,Requires V.I.G.O.R. Engaged.
  • TRANSMOG_SET_LIMITED_TIME_SET_TOOLTIP,This set can be collected during the current season only.
  • RATED_PVP_WEEKLY_CHEST_REQUIREMENTS,- %1$d/%2$d Conquest earned|nOR|n- 0/1 Conquest bar filled & reward claimed
  • WAR_MODE_BONUS_PERCENTAGE_FORMAT,|cff1eff00+%1$d%% War Mode Bonus|r
  • WAR_MODE_BONUS_PERCENTAGE_XP_FORMAT,|cff1eff00+%1$d%% War Mode Bonus|r
  • SPLASH_BATTLEFORAZEROTH_8_1_FEATURE1_DESC,Acquire new power to bring the enemy faction down!
  • SPLASH_BATTLEFORAZEROTH_8_1_FEATURE2_DESC,Protect your continent from enemy invasions.
  • SPLASH_BATTLE_FOR_DARKSHORE,The Battle for Darkshore
  • SPASH_BATTLE_FOR_DARKSHORE_DESC,Fight for control of Darkshore in this new Warfront
  • SPLASH_BATTLEFORAZEROTH_8_1_SEASON_FEATURE1_DESC,New armor appearances and a new season reward mount.
  • SPLASH_BATTLEFORAZEROTH_8_1_SEASON_FEATURE2_DESC,Higher item level rewards and a new seasonal affix: Reaping.
  • SPLASH_BATTLEFORAZEROTH_8_1_SEASON_RIGHT_DESC,The war comes to the heart of the Zandalari Empire in this new raid.


You can find all items added this week here.


Glacial Tidestorm

Though she commands a variety of magical powers, Jaina has always been most proficient at summoning powerful elementals of water and ice.

  • Source: Jaina Proudmoore (Mythic)
  • Zone: Battle of Dazar'alor

The mount currently has the same model like the Shaman Class Order Hall mount from Legion. Hopefully, i's just a placeholder.

Siltwing Albatross

One of the rarest of birds seen on the islands of the Great Sea, and a prized possession amongst traders, if they can capture it.

  • Vendor: Captain Klarisa // Captain Zentaga (Dubloon Traders)
  • Zone: Tiragarde Sound // Zuldazar
  • Cost: 1,000 Seafarer's Dubloons

Worldsafe Locs

  • Castaway Point Canon Safe Loc
  • "Nazmir, Sunken Coast (Incursions Only, Alliance Fleet) - GY"
  • 7152,8.1 Tol Dagor Scenario Exit
  • 7153,8.1 Incursions - Storm's Rage - Exit -  Safe Loc - (MDE)
  • 8.1 Incursions -Skytanic Exit -  Safe Loc - (MDE)
  • "Nazmir, Mangrove Shore - GY"
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I had hoped the mech parrot would be a drop or something purchasable with gold, but when there's a matching pet, it's a store mount. A very beautiful and awesome one, though most likely a store mount regardless.

As for other things, it's interesting to see Ashvale and Sylvanas scheme. Could be interesting.

And the new heirlooms looks interesting. Especially the cloak, depending on whatever or not you're a levelling tank.

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