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As we saw at the opening BlizzCon ceremony, Ashe is our Hero 29 and she's already joined the Overwatch world, arriving on the PTR today! Jeff talks about her backstory, her primary weapon's two fire modes and other abilities, especially her ult, B.O.B and more!

And here's her animated short, origin video and hero announcement once more:




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So I messed around in the training room to get a feel for how to play the character. For me, I was trying to figure out a playstyle based on her effective range and potential damage output. I normally make some notes for myself, but I figured I would share for anyone who doesn't plan to play her on PTR or people who don't want to spend a lot of time in the practice range but want an idea of what she's like before jumping into a game. With that said,

Left Click:

  • 80 dmg per headshot if no falloff, so 3 shots for your typical 200 HP dps
  • 40 dmg per bodyshot if no falloff, so 5 shots for your typical 200 HP dps
  • Damage falloff begins after about 20M, by 30M it's doing about 25 dmg per bodyshot

Right Click (aiming down sights):

  • 160 dmg per headshot if no falloff, so 1-hit on Tracer
  • 80 dmg per bodyshot if no falloff
  • Damage falloff begins after about 30M, headshots are doing ~120 dmg at 40M

Numbers may be off by a tiny bit, I didn't have anyone around to go into a custom game with me so I'm just eyeballing bot damage in training room. Should be close though. My main take-away from this, in terms of playstyle, is that even with headshots, you're not one-hitting people, plus we have damage falloff, so we're not looking at a Hanzo or Widowmaker here, she's not a sniper. Though we are in one-shot territory with a scoped headshot if we have Mercy boost or Zen's discord. For comparison, her left-click falloff distance is comparable to McCree, and her right-click falloff is comparable to Soldier. 

LShift (knockback gun):

  • Using this ability will always knock you back, regardless if you hit anything. The base distance is 10M. 
  • In general, it works the same way as other knockback abilities. But to be specific...
  • The self-knockback is modified by forward movement. If you're running at your target (i.e., in the opposite direction of the knockback) you'll only be knocked back about 5M. 
  • The self-knockback is not modified by backward movement. I assume, however, that it will compound its effect if you are hit by another knockback ability simultaneously. 
  • The knockback is directional. For example, you can shoot your feet to propel yourself into the air. The distance does increase if you jump as you use the ability - think Junkrat's mine. This makes it a pretty solid positioning tool. 
  • The knockback distance on enemies is also 10M. It is not modified by your movement. 
  • The knockback appears to be effective from a distance up to about 15M and falls off rapidly after that. 
  • The ability also deals damage. At point-blank, it deals ~90 dmg(!). However, damage falloff begins immediately. By 10M it's only dealing ~25 dmg. 

There's a lot baked into this ability. Like Junk's mine, this is her primary positioning tool, a great dueling ability, and a cheesy environmental killer. Unlike Junk's mine, she doesn't have two charges of it. The CD is fairly long at 10s, so I think managing this ability is the main thing to focus on when learning Ashe. The damage at point-blank range is pretty nuts, though I think she's going to be more vulnerable at close range than similar heroes, without access to something like McCree's Flashbang or Soldier's healing station. Any kind of animation-cancel-melee-shoot combo I was landing seemed to always be about ~25 damage off finishing a 200HP hero, though I expect better players than me to come up with the optimal close-range burst combo. Notably, if you land an unscoped headshot or a scoped bodyshot on a Tracer, she's vulnerable to the LShift one-hitting her. The knockback does put enemies into a pretty predictable trajectory if you manage to hit them into the air, and a point-blank shot + a scoped headshot will two-hit any 200HP hero. If you're familiar with Cassie in Paladins (I know, I know), the combo is pretty similar. 

As far as her Dynamite and B.O.B. go, the damage numbers depend on too much for me to really dive deep into them. But there are a few things I wanted to note: 

  • Dynamite deals full self-damage. It's not a close-range dueling tool. 
  • You can throw Dynamite incredible distances, and you can break it even with max damage falloff. 

Of course, nobody's played a ton of Ashe yet so I can't say for sure, but given the falloff range on her weapons, if you're trying to deal damage at extreme ranges, instead of trying to snipe enemies, you should be practicing long-distance dynamite throws and popping it, as that won't be borked by falloff at all. 

With regards to B.O.B., I think this is fairly common knowledge already, but just for the sake of it

  • When he spawns, he charges forward. The charge deals 120 damage and has a significant knockback/knockup effect. The charge has the same knockdown mechanic as Rein charge Doom punch Brig bash etc. 
  • Once his charge completes, he persists for 10s. 
  • While he's up, he functions like an extra player. He has a health pool, he can be healed and nano'd, and he can contest points, however...
  • Damaging B.O.B. does NOT grant enemies ult charge(!). 

Of course, this is PTR so everything is subject to change, especially as far as exact damage numbers go. I hope this can be as helpful to someone else as it was to me. I attached a couple images so you can visualize what 20M and 30M actually look like. Have fun!



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    • By Starym
      Ashe has arrived! After a short stint on the PTR the 29th Hero of Overwatch is here, incredibly fast after her announcement less than 10 days ago. We're also seeing some Mercy buffs focusing on her Valkyrie ult, a whole lot of Roadhog love, from the hook to the main weapon and ult, as well as Reaper and Symmetra buffs as well. That's a whole lot of improvements for the Heroes, and we're getting the usual big amount of bug fixes as well.
      November 13 (source)
      New Hero: Ashe (Damage):
      Ashe’s arsenal of weapons makes her a versatile offensive hero, capable of setting up the perfect situation to shoot down dangerous enemies from range or deal high area-of-effect burst damage to groups of heroes.
      Her primary weapon is the Viper, a lever-action rifle with two firing modes: semi-automatic and aim down sights. In semi-automatic mode, the Viper shoots rapidly with a high spread. Aiming down the sights lets Ashe line up precise shots, increasing damage at the expense of speed.
      She can turn any situation into her favor with her Coach Gun a short-range, high-impact sidearm that deals big damage and clears the way by knocking back nearby enemies. It can also be used to knock herself back for added mobility, either to reposition herself for a clear shot, or to escape pursuing enemies.
      Ashe’s Dynamite ability is a thrown explosive that detonates after a delay. It deals damage in a wide radius and sets enemies on fire for additional damage over time. She can also shoot the dynamite to detonate it early, allowing her to damage unsuspecting enemies.
      Her ultimate ability, B.O.B., sends Ashe’s loyal omnic companion rushing into the fray, shoving aside the frontline to rough up targets in the backline.
      To learn more about Ashe, click here.
      As with all new heroes, please note that Ashe's release in Competitive Play will be delayed by two weeks.
      Made jump height consistent across hero roster Mercy
      Developer Comments Mercy's ultimate was charging a bit too slowly after her base healing was reduced in a previous update. These changes should restore some of her ultimate’s strength and let it build up more quickly. Valkyrie
      Ultimate cost reduced 15% Healing per second increased from 50 to 60 Reaper
      Developer Comments: Reaper's specialty is fighting at a very close range. The more consistent spread pattern and increase in healing from his passive ability will make him more capable of standing toe-to-toe with his enemies. Hellfire Shotguns
      Spread randomization reduced by 50% Spread pattern adjusted The Reaping
      Life steal increased from 20% to 30% of damage dealt Roadhog
      Developer Comments: Roadhog is receiving several large changes to make his abilities more consistent. His Chain Hook had issues with breaking when enemy targets jumped or fell behind environment collision. It will now slow them down in the air more when the hook lands, and wait less time before it starts reeling them in. Since Chain Hook’s cooldown now begins immediately upon use, so it no longer varies based on Roadhog’s distance to the hook target. We’ve also moved some of the projectiles closer to the center of the spread pattern on his Scrap Gun, which gives him a more consistent damage output for its primary and alternate fire. Previously, there was a long-standing bug that caused close-range targets to fly much further than expected. After this bug was fixed, we still wanted to keep some of the knockback burst it provided, so we’ve increased the overall velocity cap to maintain some of that functionality. Chain Hook
      Decreased the delay before pulling a hooked target from 0.5 seconds to 0.3 seconds Now greatly reduces the target’s momentum upon being hooked Cooldown now begins immediately, instead of after the target has been pulled Scrap Gun
      Spread pattern adjusted for both primary and secondary fire Spread randomization reduced by 50% Whole Hog
      Knockback maximum velocity increased by 25% (from 8 to 10 meters per second) Horizontal recoil decreased slightly Symmetra
      Developer Comments It's still difficult to use Symmetra's Photon Projector beam effectively, even after its range was increased. By speeding up the primary fire charge rate, it takes less time to ramp up to its full damage potential and will be a stronger option when she’s presented with targets to charge up on. Photon Projector
      Primary fire beam charges up 20% faster  
      Reduced the setup timer for Assault, Escort, and Assault/Escort maps from 1 minute to 45 seconds Assemble Your Team timer increased from 10 to 25 seconds in the second round on Assault, Assault/Escort, and Escort maps USER INTERFACE UPDATES
      Removed the “Unlock All” option in the Hero Gallery BUG FIXES
      Fixed a bug that caused Mei bots to attempt landing headshots on Wrecking Ball while he was immune to them in Roll mode Fixed a bug that caused bots to get stuck near Point A on Eichenwalde Heroes
      Fixed a bug that prevented Brigitte’s Whip Shot from going on cooldown if it was interrupted before the chain retracted Doomfist
      Fixed a bug that prevented victims of Doomfist’s Rocket Punch from ragdolling if they were eliminated by it Fixed a bug that prevented Doomfist’s Rising Uppercut from damaging enemies Fixed a bug that prevented Doomist’s Seismic Slam from dealing damage if he hit by a knockback ability the moment he landed Junkrat
      Fixed a bug that caused Junkrat to return to his idle animation if he was stunned while using RIP-Tire Lúcio
      Fixed a bug that caused some allied heroes to say their “under attack” voice lines when receiving a friendly Sound Barrier Orisa
      Fixed bug that prevented Orisa’s Fortify from canceling Doomfist’s Rising Uppercut air control effects Reinhardt
      Fixed a bug that allowed Reinhardt’s Earthshatter to hit Brigitte when she blocked it with her Barrier Shield if she was strafing during high latency periods Roadhog
      Fixed a bug that prevented Chain Hook from going on cooldown if it was interrupted before the chain retracted Fixed a bug that prevented Chain Hook from destroying breakable objects when pulling the target backward Fixed a bug that caused Roadhog’s Whole Hog visual effects to cover a wider area than the spread of projectiles Symmetra
      Fixed a bug that prevented Symmetra to charge up her primary weapon on enemy ice walls Torbjörn
      Fixed a bug that prevented Santaclad Torbjörn’s ultimate voice lines from playing when activating Molten Core Fixed a visual issue that prevented Molten Core’s magma globules from appearing in the correct place with his Barbarossa or Blackbeard skins equipped Fixed an animation issue that caused Torbjörn’s claw arm to suddenly appear when Overload and Molten Core were used in quick succession Tracer
      Fixed an issue that caused Tracer to accelerate slightly slower and decelerate slightly faster than other heroes  
      Fixed an issue that caused some heroes legs to twitch when viewed in the Hero Gallery Fixed a bug that prevented players from rotating heroes in the Hero Gallery while the UI was hidden  
      Wrecking Ball
      Fixed a bug that prevented Wrecking Ball voice lines from playing when previewed after opening a Loot Box Zarya
      Fixed a bug that allowed heroes to charge through a Graviton Surge without getting trapped  
      Hero Gallery
      Fixed a bug that allowed players to hear the voice lines of heroes controlled by players they muted Maps
      Fixed a bug that prevented the payload from healing attackers if they were damaged while pushing it on Assault/Escort and Escort maps Fixed a lighting issue that caused a skyscraper in Hollywood’s skyline to appear pitch black
    • By Zadina
      We have summarised the main points of two BlizzCon interviews of Jeff Kaplan: one with Eurogamer and one with r/Overwatch.
      Here is what Jeff from the Overwatch team had to say to Eurogamer:
      The Reunion animated short takes place in Route 66, but the team has no plans for a rework of that map. Echo and Athena are different characters. The confusion was caused because in an old image of the Overwatch cast Echo has the Athena logo on her. Lead Artist Arnold Tseng felt that there was too much blank space on Echo and that's why she had the Athena logo.
      The team has the next six heroes planned out, which means there are heroes for the next two years. Echo isn't necessarily the next hero after Ashe. They are exploring opportunities to do more than just animated shorts, anything is possible No announcement for Overwatch on Switch but it still is a possibility. Cross-platform play is in conversations. Overwatch is sticking to loot boxes, even though they are controversial (they were banned in Belgium). A lot of work would be required to implement something like the Battle Pass in Overwatch. There's no serious thought of making Overwatch free-to-play at this time. Jeff consults in non-Overwatch teams and takes part in strategic decisions, but his main focus is still Overwatch. Some of the same questions were answered in the Reddit interview, for example about cross-platform play and Echo not being the same character as Athena. Kaplan actually had to say about that last issue that: "Athena is Winston’s AI and the narrator of the game! Athena’s not running around doing hero stuff, like, that’s not her character".  So, perhaps we won't see Athena as a hero, even though it is a popular fan theory.
      New points include:
      They think it would be a better matchmaking experience if there was a single match queue in Quick Play also. But at this stage, it’s kind of a big technical overhaul under the hood, even though it works that way in Competitive. Overwatch is built on a brand new engine so it is pretty complex and complicated process to make map editor public but “we would like to do more”. For example, they played around with the ability to allow players to script their own custom game modes through a very basic set of scripting language within the UI for it. They would like to make this work some day. They don’t have anything for Winter Wonderland that’s new, in terms of game modes, incoming. They do have some game mode experiments that they’re fooling around with right now that have a lot of promise, but none of them have coalesced into “let’s definitely release this” yet.
    • By Starym
      With Ashe arriving on the PTR, redditor Noobinab0x took some time to make a combination of all her current highlight intros and skins in a very unique (and somewhat freaky) way! While the video does showcase her relatively limited skin variety, it's still a great watch and there's sure to be more skins added later on.

      And as an added bonus, here's what happens when her self-knockback gets doubled when Genji reflects her shot.

    • By Starym
      While we don't know exactly when it's coming, and it won't be that soon, the next major patch will indeed force us to reinstall the entire game client, due to some major changes to the back-end. Unfortunately this doesn't necessarily mean it will also bring a ton of new content (although it might, since it will be bringing Ashe in at the very least), as the changes might just be on a deeper level.

      In any case, the patch notes should be interesting, and it's important to note the "major" in the title, so we might see some smaller patches before then as well.
      Next Major Patch (source)
      Hey folks,
      We wanted to get ahead of this early and let you all know what to expect with our next big patch. We don’t currently have a release date/time with this, but will update this thread once we do.
      The next major patch will have some pretty fundamental changes to the game client. The number of back-end changes we’re putting in is substantial enough that we can’t just patch over the current content efficiently. As a result, when the next patch comes out, the client will fully reinstall itself to handle these changes. We know that this isn’t ideal for people on metered connections, so hopefully this announcement helps you prepare for this coming update.
      Thanks for your patience with this matter, and we’ll see you all in game!
    • By Starym
      One of the issues with the first season of the Overwatch League was the pretty late match start times for EU fans, as most started in the evening over in the US, which meant EU fans had to tune in sometimes well after midnight to follow the action. With matches tending to last quite a while, that meant having to stay up very late which posed a problem for many.

      League commissioner Nate Nazer recently announced that season 2 would be moving the match start times earlier to accommodate Eu viewers:
      Season 2 starts in February, and has already added 8 new teams (2 Canadian, 2 US, 3 Chinese and 1 European), bringing the total up to 20.