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BlizzPlanet Interview on Warcraft III: Reforged

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BlizzPlanet interviewed Robert Bridenbecker, Vice President of Technology, Strategy and Planning, on Warcraft 3: Reforged. The interview focuses on the engine overhaul and assets, Battle.net Launcher transition, as well as the World Editor and mapmaking’s capabilities side.

With the remaster of Warcraft 3 announced, it's natural that all kinds of question about how the 2002 iconic game would be re-animated (literally) with modern graphics. Robert Bridenbecker explained all the technical details and challenges the team has faced.

Here is a recap of the most interesting points of the interview:

  • The same team that worked on StarCraft Remastered worked on this.
  • There are no plans for new story content or DLCs yet, they are focused on the pre-existing game.
  • Animation variety of units and generic portraits from the original WC3 will be updated to be unique.
  • They used the original WC3 engine that has been evolved on the graphics side, with modern trimmings like wide screen support, Battle.net support and lag/networking issues addressed. A brand new engine would break existing functionalities.
  • The map editor is there and there's compatibility with the original version of the game. They want to have all custom maps working for Reforged.
  • Moddable UI: they are talking about it, an area to explore – not a day 1 feature probably.
  • You will be able to switch from old to new graphics, but it won't be instant like in SC Remastered.
  • It's feasible to make SD and HD assets work together.
  • No decisions yet on changes on unit pathfinding and AI improvements. They are in dialogue with the community on this and they are open to exploring it.
  • They have also reached out to players for other potential changes to the original experience (gameplay, balance). They want to be careful with this as they want to be as close to the original as possible.
  • They've made a lot of bug fixes.
  • There are no plans for classic games on other platforms, but it's always something on their mind.
  • Warcraft 3: Reforged will contain the original version of the game.
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There are no plans for classic games on other platforms, but it's always something on their mind. ****

I can see the executives thinking about WC3 for mobile with their dripping mouths while rubbing their god damn nipples like the southpark TV companies

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One thing I found interesting on the screenshots and trailers is how better the units are compared to the structures/scenarios. I wonder if it's only because it is still in development.

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2 hours ago, Zadina said:

They used the original WC3 engine that has been evolved on the graphics side, with modern trimmings like wide screen support, Battle.net support and lag/networking issues addressed. A brand new engine would break existing functionalities.

That may as it be, but why not use the SC2/HotS engine then?

Edit: Actually, I've just read they kept to the old engine to ensure crossplay with the original version, which would mean that any non-graphical updates would also have to come to the original. 

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