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Current Recruitment Status
All classes currently

About the Guild
We are a mythic raiding guild with a 9-hour weekly raiding schedule: Wednesday, Sunday and Monday 20:00 – 23:00 ST.

We have our partnered Discord server and a website currently in development. We are a very social guild - you’ll see us chatting on Discord on a daily basis, running Mythic+ dungeons throughout the week (both daytime and on the nights when we don’t have raids planned) and much more.

Our end goal as with any other raiding guild is to clear content as clean and as fast as possible. So at the moment, we are currently looking for players with experience or players without who are willing to learn.

What we can offer you

- Custom gaming jerseys and hoodies
- A community where a lot of people have enough game knowledge to help you out whenever needed - whatever the subject
- A social and friendly group of people for you to join
- A fair way of distributing loot
- A consistent amount of raids over the duration of the expansion
- A relaxed but social guild overall

What we expect from our raiders

- It is important to have a sense of humour.
- Come prepared to raids with knowledge of tactics and consumables
- A working mic and the ability to use it when needed
- Be active on the guild forums as this is where we discuss tactics and have vetting threads for trials
- Be motivated to improve and keep up to date with your class
- It is very important that you are able to commit to our raiding schedule. We don't require 100 % attendance though so IRL interfering at times is expected and accepted.
- Sign up for raids only if you are able to commit

Contact information
If you have any questions regarding the guild you can contact me on blizzard sphinxxuk#2524.

We also have a guild website: which is currently under development for WoW and you will soon be able to apply and watch our progress on there. Our applications are private and will not be visible to outsiders.

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