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Patch 8.1 Build 28366

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In the latest 8.1 PTR build, Blizzard nerfed XP required per level, the fifth ring was added to Battle of Dazar'alor Azerite Armor and Jaina's Mythic mount received a new model.


Check out our Tides of Vengeance hub for the latest Patch 8.1 news!

Broadcast Text

  • "May the Light bless the spirits of our ancestors, for they've chosen to allow my son to rest upon this holy ground."
  • "It is here, surrounded by the heroes and patriots of Gilneas where he belongs."
  • "We'll return, Liam.  I swear this to you."
  • "You were a true man of the people, Liam.  Unlike any Royal I ever met.  We'll make them pay for this."
  • "Gilneas will remember your courage forever, Liam."
  • No one rides the Lady!
  • "No, no, silly $r..."
  • Attack!
  • How many coconuts can we get for the ugly one?
  • "THREE? He woulda paid five, easy... Dummy!"
  • "You're the last of your tribe with any sense left.  As a reward for giving us Prince Nadun, I grant you the gift that is your birthright and more!"
  • Your makers failed you... your flawed race succumbed to the curse of flesh!  Lord Deathwing's gift makes you perfect again!
  • Let us begin.,Let us begin.
  • What am I grabbing again?
  • "Your approach is... unorthodox.  Though, I suppose with the smoke from the fires, all they'll see is your silhouettes."
  • "Shut your stupid face, Budd.  SHUT IT!!"
  • Let's go!
  • The Dark Pharaoh has fallen!  His immortal colossi tumble like toys!
  • "Did you really zhink you vould get avay vizh it, $p? Hmm?"
  • "First, you come traipsing into Uldum as if you owned zhe place...",
  • Clumsily interferink vizh my operation...
  • Zhen you mercilessly kill my loyal vorkers...
  • NO BUT! Silence! Keep Movink!
  • But -,But -,
  • "If zhat vere not enough, you sabotaged my ritual and caused Gobbles' death!"
  • "You vill pay, $p. Deazh by firink sqvad!"
  • Zhat's far enough!
  • "I can take it from here, my friends. Report to your master zhat zhe problem has been dealt vizh."
  • Tell him zhat zhere vill be no furzher interruptions.
  • "Be certain there aren't, Schnottz. Deathwing's patience wears thin."
  • "Now, zhen, vhere vere ve?"
  • "Ahh, yes. Any last vords? Hmm?"
  • "Beat it, Schnottz!"
  • "You haven't seen zhe last of me, $p!"
  • That oughta do it!
  • Would you look at that...
  • $p! We've done it!
  • "Vell done, Doctah Jones!"
  • "Not only haf you led me right to zhe coffer, but you haf removed its protektions!"
  • Such a pity...
  • I vould offer you a prestigious position in my organization if I didn't haf to kill you.
  • But first!
  • You shall vitness zhe destruction of zhat vhich you hold so dear!
  • The Coffer!? You wouldn't...
  • "Oh, don't be such a fool! I never vanted your silly chest for myself."
  • Zhat artifact is zhe only zhink preventink Deazhvink from activatink zhe reorigination mechanism!
  • "Vonce his lust for vengeance is sated, I vill be free to rule Azerozh as I see fit!"
  • "Och! Come on now, ye buggar..."
  • Hmm? Vhat vas zhat?
  • "No matter! In a moment, nozhink vill remain of any of zhis!"
  • "Close your eyes, kid. This ain't gunna be pretty..."
  • Ahah! Fresh air at last!
  • "Two steps ahead of ya again, junior! As usual."
  • "Quick, $n! Into the chests!"
  • Quick! Into the plane!
  • "Get zhem!! Now! Go, go, go!"
  • Derek Proudmoore was a hero to the Kul Tirans.
  • Dis be givin' me a bad feelin'. Why bring da fog if dere be no ships ta hide?
  • It does not make sense. Unless... dey wanted us to be in Nazmir...
  • Dey have deceived us! My father stands alone to defend de city!
  • Dose Alliance snakes!
  • Our home is under siege! Return to Zuldazar at once!
  • All unite under the Light.
  • Now you're ready to oversee the tower's protection in my absence.

Creature Models

New Ghost Models were added.


Global Strings

  • CONQUEST_BAR_REWARD_DONE,You've earned all available Conquest rewards for this week. Check back next week.
  • CONQUEST_BAR_REWARD_COLLECT,Visit your War Headquarters to collect your reward.
  • WAR_MODE_CALL_TO_ARMS,War Mode: Call to Arms
  • WAR_MODE_BONUS_INCENTIVE_TOOLTIP,War Mode bonus increased to %2$d%%.
  • MYTHIC_PLUS_SEASON_DESC1,Higher item level rewards
  • MYTHIC_PLUS_SEASON_DESC2,Each mythic level is now more difficult
  • MYTHIC_PLUS_SEASON_DESC3,New Affix: Inferno
  • PVP_WAR_MODE_DESCRIPTION_FORMAT,"Enlist in War Mode and activate World PvP, increasing quest rewards and experience by %1$d%% and enabling PvP Talents in the outdoor world."
  • PVP_WAR_MODE_NOT_NOW_ALLIANCE_RESTAREA,"This can be turned off in any rest area, but can only be turned on in Stormwind."
  • PVP_WAR_MODE_NOT_NOW_HORDE_RESTAREA,"This can be turned off in any rest area, but can only be turned on in Orgrimmar."
  • PVP_MATCH_READY_ERROR,You can't leave the queue because your match is ready.


New items added in 8.1 PTR Build 28366 include:


Darkshore Warfront Toys


Click here to browse all items added in this build.

Scenario Steps

  • "With the bulk of Rastakhan's forces lured into Nazmir, the time has come to storm the city.",Siege of Dazar'alor
  • "Ancient treasures lie deep within the halls of the palace. But beware, for they are guarded by the wrath of the loa.",Empire's Fall
  • Witness the Horde's savagery as they strike at the valiant heroes of the Alliance.,Might of the Alliance
  • "The city faces a cowardly Alliance attack, and the Horde's brave champions are the only ones who can break the siege.",Defense of Dazar'alor
  • Witness King Rastakhan's defiant stand against the bloodthirsty Alliance invaders.,Death's Bargain
  • "King Rastakhan has been slain, and those responsible must be brought to justice before they can escape.",Victory or Death

Worldsafe Locs

  • "8.1 War Campaign - H - Chapter 1 - Safe Spot, Estate - (STM)"
  • "8.1 War Campaign - H - Chapter 1 - Safe Spot, Hill - (STM)"

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