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[Akama][H] <Acquired Taste> Recruiting All Classes! TUES/WEDS - 5:30 - 8:30 PACIFIC! 5/9 Mythic BOD

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<Acquired Taste> is recruiting all classes and roles!

Ask us about server transfer financial assistance! Have a bunch of alts and can't commit to switching servers due to the expense? We get it! If you trial with us and find that you're an excellent fit for our core team, we'll subsidize part of the transfer expense for your alts!

We're a mature guild with experienced leadership and a solid core of skilled players that have been with us since Vanilla. We need 5-7 adult players who are interested in pushing current content on a semi-casual raiding schedule. We're looking for like minded individuals with real life responsibilities, who enjoy playing in a professional guild and dedicating a limited amount of time every week to focused mythic content.

Apply on our website below, DM me here, join us on Discord, message us in game - we're flexible. In lieu of a formal application, we typically check achievements, IO scores, etc., and offer trials if we think you're a good fit which may involve Uldir raids or Mythic+ dungeons. Please be well read on standard strats for all encounters.


  • Warrior (All Specs) - High
  • Paladin (All Specs) - High
  • Death Knight (All Specs) - High
  • Druid (All Specs) - Open
  • Priest (All Specs) - Open
  • Hunter (All Specs) - Open
  • Rogue (All Specs) - Open
  • Warlock (All Specs) - High
  • Mage (All Specs) - Open
  • Shaman (All Specs) - High
  • Demon Hunter (All Specs) - High
  • Monk (All Specs) - High

Raiding Schedule

  • Tuesday 5:30 - 8:30pm PT
  • Wednesday 5:30 - 8:30pm PT

Join us on Discord!

Add my Battletag!

  • efficacy#1761

Join us on Discord!

Find us on YouTube!


Good luck!

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On 12/26/2018 at 9:27 AM, Efficacy said:

Bump! Any applications will be considered! Reach out to me in game for a trial this week!

Bump! Starting Battle for Dazar'alor this week! Get in before Mythic starts!

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Join us for Mythic Dazar'alor tonight! 5:30pm PT!


Add me on bnet efficacy#1761

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