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Hello there people!

We are 1/9 M and 6/9 HC BoD and wish to progress further. Our raid timings are: 
Sunday - 17:30-19:30            
Monday - 17:30-19:30 
Wednesday - 17:30-19:30

We are The Shadow Legion, an early evening raiding guild , and we are looking for players to progress into Battle of Dazar'alor. We are a mature raiding guild with average age of 25 and above and we all have a passion for WOW. We are looking to finish the content as soon as possible, while working around our IRL commitments.

We raid pretty early by most EU standards, 2-3 hours before regular raids start!, as most of our raiders work late night/early day shifts and cannot raid in the usual/standard EU raiding hours. That being said, our raid timings are: Sunday, Monday, Wednesday from 17:30 - 19:30 server time (Server time).

Therefore, we are looking for similar players who want to progress Mythic BFA raids. While we have some solid players to push Mythics we are still missing some key classes Currently recruiting Melee (Death Knight), Healers (Shaman & Monk), Ranged (Balance/Mage/Shadow Priest) to bolster our roster. So, if you want to push Mythic raiding and high M+ keys, and generally looking for a good atmosphere that is both disciplined, but fun, then The Shadow Legion is perfect for you !

We need around 5 more regular members but we will always consider exceptional players of any class/spec, We occasionally raid extra days when necessary (Thursdays or Fridays) but these are optional raids.

To know more, you can contact me or other officers on bnet at  Blaster#21232 / Celest#21727 / Night#23645  or apply on our website:

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