(Draenor H) House of The Vigilant is recuriting

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(H - Draenor -EU) House of the Vigilant is reforming. Progression: 3/8M. We raid on Tuesday and Thursday from 20:00 until 23:00.

We are recruiting all classes and specs.

We are a group of experienced players. Our core members have finished college or about to finish college. We consider progression raiding as our hobby. But it's a hobby that has to fit around our real lives. That's why you won't see us forcing groups into extra raiding time. The time we do spend raiding is spend wisely and productive. That's how we still get our progression done without demanding too much spare time. House of the Vigilant offers you chance to continue your favorite past time besides having a mature real life. We are looking for like-minded players. Leave a message on this post or contact me ingame if our way of playing sounds appealing to you.

Kind regards,

Stingrage- Draenor (EU)

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