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[Illidan][Horde] <Redshift> 4/8M

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Guild Name: RedShift

Server: [NA] - Illidan

Faction: Horde

About the Guild:

RedShift is a guild that was created in the summer of 2017 by a group of family/friends who wanted to push mythic
content and have a laid back environment. We started raiding back during antorus, but most of the core roster has started back in WOTLK or Pandaria. It is a semi hardcore mythic progression guild that prioritizes people who are willing to listen and get better at the game with us, but above all to have fun together. Redshift is currently 4/8M looking to push to 6/8M before the next raid tier comes out.

The guild is a very fun place to hang out and talk with people, we let casuals in as well to bolster our ranks and maybe eventually start a PvP section or a overwatch team. If you can handle our occasional dunce raiders and can not get to stressed if we dont progress a boss as fast as you may like, then you are a perfect fit for us. We are willing to help people improve to become mythic raiders, but we will not carry those who do not want to actually improve at the game and help us down bosses.

I'm Austin. I am the recruitment officer and main a Resto Druid and healers in general. I love to watch movies, anime and play wow as much as I can. I am very laid back and love to mess around and have fun with my guildies. If you are a healer who wants to get better, I am willing to help, but be prepared for my terrible expenations. I play overwatch occasionally and when I feel up to it, ill play different steam games to take my mind off of wow. If you ask me for honesty I will give it to you and I like to think im a nice guy.

Our raid leader is Alex. He is a Holy Paladin main and plays what ever the guild needs. He does all of the research for the bosses and explains the fights for us to down the bosses (ofc). He loves to push keys with the guild when he comes online and recently picked up overwatch (Moria Main), he's also pretty laid back as well and helps anyone who asks for help.

Our Guild leader is Adrian. He is a computer science major who handles all the backroom parts of the guild, Guild bank, contributions etc. He is a very fun guy to be around, he loves to raid with the guild and he is a discipline priest main, that occasionlly plays his rogue. This man knows how to have fun and party as well.

So if all of that interests you then contact me.

Raiding Times:
    Tuesdays/Wednesdays 6:30-9:30 PM PST

What we are looking for:

We are currently looking for playing willing to handle progression and a laid back environment. When it comes to
which classes we are looking for, we currently need a Boomkin/Frost DK/Mage/Warlock. We currently have most of our roster figured out, but we need players who who up consistently to raid times, or give a heads up if they cant show up.


Recruitment Process:

The people we recruit will be set to trial for the first 2 weeks and afterwards will be put at member atleast and depending on your attendance and performance you might be set to Flex Raider/Raider/Core Raider (Redshift.gg/info for the ranks). We have a performance council that is made up of randomized core raiders. Every 2 weeks we fill out a spreadsheet of peoples different performance rankings (Mechanics/Numbers Etc). You can ask for how you are rated after the 2 weeks.



Personal loot


Contact Information:

You can contact me on Bnet: Røger#1393 (alt code 0248) or Discord Boomkiny#5091 with any questions you might have

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