[Area 52][H] <Team Reforged:Eternal Kingdom> (1/8M) Looking for DPS!

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Reforged is a team in the Eternal Kingdom Community that is focusing on AOTC each tier and then will focus on getting into and clearing mythic content. We are in need of several specs / classes listed below.

Raid Times: Tues / Wed 9 pm-12 am EST

We are now AOTC & 1/8 Mythic!!!  Congrats to Team Reforged for all the hard work!!!!

Classes / Specs Needed:

We are in need of some amazing Rogues, DPS Warriors, Ret Paladin, AND LOCKS!!!!!  Come join us before the new tier comes out!!!! 

Attendance: Reforged holds its raiders to an attendance of 75% or greater.  This is to ensure that we can rely on our raiders to be there, and progression can happen. All raiders are expected to make Leadership aware of any absences as far in advance as possible. Members who have repeated absences without notification will be dropped from the team.

Loot: Personal, subject to change based on progression.

Contact: Fyrpixie (Fyrpixie#1477)

You can read more about our team here!
You can Apply to our team by scrolling to the bottom of the page and clicking on Reforged here!

About Our Community:

Eternal Kingdom is a large community consisting of 8 guilds, 12 mythic raid teams, 6 heroic raid teams, friends and family, and across both factions! We pride ourselves in having a positive, all inclusive guild which houses players with varying degrees of experience and time able to be devoted to this game.

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