[Outland][A] <LENG SQUAD> 8/8M 2 day raiding Wed/Sun LF Mistweaver

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LENG SQUAD is a successful and well-established true Two days a week Alliance Raiding Guild on Outland EU realm. It was first formed on November 13th 2014 and is currently one of the most competitive raiding guilds on the server, despite being one of the few guilds to only raid Mythic content two times a week.

Uldir 8/8M Cutting Edge. Top 30 in the world 2/day raiding.
EN - 7/7M Cutting Edge. N/A
ToV 3/3M Cutting Edge. N/A
NH 10/10M Cutting Edge - Top 80 in the world 2/day raiding.
ToS 9/9M Cutting Edge - Top 30 in the world 2/day raiding.- Realm First!
Antorus 11/11M Cutting Edge - Top 50 in the world 2/day raiding. - Realm First! - 3rd in the world Mythic speed rankings

Our mandatory Mythic raiding schedule is;

Wednesday 19:30-23:00
Sunday 19:30-23:00

We also have guild events on other days of the week where all members are welcome to come if they so please. The common optional raids are organised by officers.

----------- RECRUITING------------------------
- Mistweaver Monk.

For more information please take a look at our wowprogress page:
Or add:
Archetype#2249 - Recruitment
Roobs#2858 - General Questions

Thanks for your time!

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