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Furious Charge Barbarian (Patch 2.6.4)

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Guest PoeTayder

So I've been enjoying playing this build (6IK, 4R) for the past few seasons, not pushing with it because I'm not good enough to use CoE to the fullest effect, but enjoying it in GR 70-85.

This season I'm at 96 5 days in, after swapping out boulder toss for rumble. I understand boulder toss does more damage, but if I'm using it mainly as a fury dump I prefer to use rumble that will hit enemies 100% of the time, proccing my focus/restraint vs BT only hitting 75% or less. Is there abother reason to use BT over rumble? (Cast or animation time, worthwhile area damage proc, etc?)

To be clear I'm not saying swapping the two is giving me higher grs, that is mostly lucky gear drops, this guide (props), and the RotRG season, allowing me to use F/R instead of CoE.

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The guide says to skip allocating Paragon points to Resource Cost Reduction... I'm wondering what the harm is in allocating them.  It's kind of an annoyance to be prompted to allocate the points every time I log in.  I get that if the main purpose is to dump fury than you don't want to actually reduce the cost, but since Boulder Toss expends all remaining fury anyway, what difference does it make?

I'm curious about the previous poster's question too - using Rumble instead of Boulder Toss.

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Some notes:

1) In the skill section of the speed farm page the "Seismic Slam variant" is not mentioned in the table nor even in the text: since later during the page the Seismic Slam variant is mentioned, it should be briefly presented in the skill section too.

2) The speed farm variation only mentions Goldwrap when talking about Kanai's Cube: Vile Ward and Standoff are still the best-in-slot for the armor and weapon slots in the Cube? The question arises since in the spender-builds for GRs they both are replaced (respectively by Skular's Salvation or Bracers of Destruction, and by The Three Hundredth Spear or Fury of the Vanished Peak).

3) In the speed farm variation, "Furious Charge Damage" is still suggested as a stat priority on Pouldrons and Chest Armor: is this a typo?

4) Any explicit suggestion for the best-in-slot Potion and Follower will be very welcome!

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