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Blessed Hammer Crusader

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Guest JRBJ72

TY   its been awhile and forgot about that   thank you very much 

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Guest Alpine hero
On 1/17/2019 at 11:17 AM, Blainie said:

This thread is for comments about our Blessed Hammer Crusader build guide.

Is Faithful memory that important to increase the blessed hammer damage? I cubed Justinian’s mercy that gives blessed hammer the effect of the dominion rune. It doesn’t increase damage but it is great to have the hammers follow you.

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This is largely dependent on the difficulty of the content you are clearing. If you are trying to push Greater Rift tiers with this build, the damage amplifier of Faithful MemoryFaithful Memory will be mandatory; in speed farming content, much less so. Justinian's MercyJustinian's Mercy is a great convenience item for blasting through lower tier content, so as long as you aren't noticing slowdowns during farming, keep it around!

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