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LTK Sunwuko Monk (Patch 2.6.4)

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A note (probably simply a refuse):

In the Kanai's Cube section it is written: "Rabid Strike will preferably be stored in your weapon Cube slot due to its natural Crit Damage roll (preventing the perfect CDR plus RCR roll)."

However, CDR and RCR are not suggested as preferred stats for weapons in the table.

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Another typo:

In the "Adapting skill" section of the speed farming variation page it is written "Last but not least, you can consider dropping Near Death Experience from your passives for content-appropriate options like Fleet Footed (additional speed) or Relentless Assault (additional burst) when farming normal rifts."

However, the table of the skill for that variation suggests Momentum as the fourth passive...

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Also, in the introduction, it is written that "This high speed, visceral melee spec is available in three Greater Rift solo progression and a regular Rift farming variation, explained in that order", but there is only one Greater Rift solo variatio, not three...

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