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Inna's EP Monk

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Guest Dowman
On 4/27/2022 at 11:28 AM, Galoimeth said:

Hey! I was looking into the skill setup page, and the skill overview has "The Guardian's Path" for the fourth passive, while in the explanation for passives, it's "Relentless Assault" that's mentionned as a passive. Is this intentional (for different active skills setups)?


My guess is that it was left over from when the Guide used Water Ally but now the guide changed over to Earth Ally

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Guest Madbrad22
On 4/23/2022 at 3:16 PM, Guest Dowman said:

Thanks for the Updates Deadset but there are some item changes in the last patch 1. Bindings of the Lesser Gods no longer has the Fire  ally buff  2. not sure if it was last patch but Inna's (4) set bonus makes the Mystic Ally no longer take damage so I'm not sure if Enforcer is the Best Gem to use


 has nothing to do with items but i got to say i so hate Earth Ally at times they just flat out vanish for mins

I thought it was just me, I'm also seeing the earth ally just running off while it's rolling around and sometimes not returning for a full cd of the ally ability. I literally have to wait for them to return to me before I can activate the ability again. I also notice them rolling right off the map at times and also sometimes just rolling in a small circle on the ground where no mobs are even though I'm in combat or rolling a wide circle around what I'm fighting. They are so sporadic on what they do this season.

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Been loving an alt of this build, here at the close of S26: 5 pieces Inna (head, belt, hands, pants, daibo), 3 pieces Justice (shoulder, chest, boots), Bindings Lesser Gods, Travelers & Compass, with cube holding Won Khim Lau, Crudest Boots, and Ring of Grandeur.

Mouse has Epiphany and Tempest Rush, buttons have Mystic Ally (water), Dash, Mantra (Conviction usually), Sweeping Wind.

Start sweeping wind, fire up the Mystic Allies when Conviction is "cold", and just keep Tempest Rushing forever. Epiph and Dash as needed/avail.

Won Khim auto-casts Cyclone to buff the Bindings, and Travelers/Compass plus 4pc Justice keeps damage reduction and spirit up. 
Link to build: https://d3.maxroll.gg/d3planner/947905786

Unrelated: thanks Deadset for the updates and expertise!

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I'm just curious,

but why not include the "Unity" Passive Skill, since it obviously provides a good dmg buff in this pet build.?

(btw, does anyone reply here anymore, other than deadset.?)

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