[H][Us] Malorne <So Go Solo Scholo IMO> Thurs/Sat New Heroic Raid Guild

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Guild Name: <So Go Solo Scholo IMO>

Server: Malorne (US)

Faction: Horde

Raid Days: Thursday, Saturday

Times: 8:30pm - 11:30pm CST

Currently Recruiting for Raids:

> All DPS Classes (Tank/Heal off-spec a plus)

> All Healing Classes

Specifically looking for Warlock, Ele/Resto Shaman, Hunter

We are looking to keep a roster of at least 20 people for raids and and are going to focus on clearing heroic tier and eventually push into the first few mythic bosses.

We ask a few things of our members:

· Stay laid back - If someone tries to help don’t get mad or offended. Constructive criticism is key to improvement. On the other hand don’t be a @#$%.

· Make sure you are prepared - Use DBM or some equivalent for raids/keystones. Have flasks/food/potions for when the guild does not supply them, etc.

· Know the fights - Be aware of boss mechanics, just spend a little time to watch boss fight videos before raid night. If you are confused DON’T BE SCARED TO ASK. We are a team we are here to help each other succeed.

We also have a strong focus on pushing keys. Near the end of season 1 a small group of us have been doing mostly 13-15 keys and are interested in pushing past 15 next season.

Contact BNet ID
Palpal DrBathroom#1866
Tasty Tasty#11891

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