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[EU-Ravencrest] (A) Nova is Recruiting 10man

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Hey all!


We're an international semi-hardcore guild formed in Ravencrest EU by three IRL friends. We always had a dream of having our own guild in any MMORPG we have played especially for WoW.


Most of us don't have the time to play the hardcore raiding style but we're also craving for some serious success so casual-type is not the right one for us either. Our first goal is to recruit members who are friendly, eager, fun and patient to achieve success with us.


Main idea of Nova guild is being serious, patient and dedicated while raiding and having a friendly & fun atmosphere while we're not raiding.


Fights between our members over the game, acting childish while you're not supposed to do and free-and-easy player types are something we certainly don't tolerate in Nova.


If you're above age 18; that's a plus one but it's not a 'must be' for us but we want you to act mature and play decently.


We will start doing flexible raids and then move on to normal & heroic progress as soon as we gather some people who have some skills and the required gear for it.


Players with a bad reputation will not be accepted or kept within the guild as we care about our prestige.


If you think what you just have read suits you and your playing style please apply at nova.wowlaunch.com

If you have more questions to ask feel free to /w Zavillen or Hazez or add me from real id umutterol#2647

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Some update on the guild: We are doing Flex right now with some ppl we found from oque or openraid but we want to pass to normal 10man raiding we have a blood dk, a holy paladin, a fury warrior and a hunter as the raid group and we need more ppl for our team.

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