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Battle of Dazar'alor M Race Day 4: Ice Wall Blues

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The race has made it the weekend and Jaina is fending off all comers. We almost have a top 10 progressing on the raid's final boss, as many guilds pass Stormwall and Method hit a literal wall.

Today was a little bit slower again, at least at the very top of the rankings, while we had a lot of action on the penultimate boss. Progress on Jaina has been consistent, as Method have taken her down another 15% and come across the ice wall portion of the encounter. On Mythic difficulty the wall has 7.2 million HP and has to be taken down in 20 seconds, making this the DPS/gear check mechanic of the boss which just might stop the top guilds from getting the boss down this reset. Or so we thought:

Now, while the wall did technically break, everyone was iceblocked already so the DPS check is still there, but obviously doable. Method actually managed to get an even better try, but it was merely 0.4% better so the above video should do. It seems that endbosses almost have to have an almost  impossible DPS or other gear check in order for the boss to have any chance of living past the first or possibly second reset, as the top guilds are simply too good at tactics and their execution. We also have Method's wipe count for the raid, to along with Limit's posted yesterday:

  • Champion of the Light  0, Grong 3, Jadefire Masters 0
  • Opulence 10, Conclaveof the Chosen 7, King Rastakhan 10
  • High Tinker Mekkatorque 56, Stormwall Blockade 57, Lady Jaina Proudmoore 156

For the rest of the top guilds, the day was even more eventful as many of them actually got to see Jaina for the first time. But first, we had a swell of High Tinker Mekkatorque kills, including a second and third one from the Asia servers with Jitianhong (China) and AFK R (Korea) claiming the World 8th and 12th, as well as an Alliance first by Prestige Gaming in at World 11th.


As it was basically wall day, Stormwall Blockade got a whole lot of attention and action, seeing six guilds pass it. The Russia vs. China battle that has been raging is getting ridiculous, as Exorsus managed to snag the World 4th over Alpha by a single minute! One minute difference after the Asia servers came up about half a day later than the EU, Alpha is truly showing off what they can do but also further showing how frustrating the advantage both EU and US servers have. The next two kills were again from Asia servers, as both Jitianhong and AFK R moved up a boss in the same order as before, securing the World 6th and 7th, followed by Memento for the EU 4th and Wildcard Gaming for the US 2nd!

We also had some hotfixes arrive today, or rather we had hotfixes listed that were applied sometime during the race to the Jaina encounter, reducing difficulty and fixing bugs (which also reduced the difficulty):

  • Lady Jaina Proudmoore
    • Adjusted Ice Shard and Grasp of Frost so that Jaina will cast while moving and be easier to maneuver around the field.
    • Fixed a bug where the Ice Shard debuff on Heroic and Mythic difficulties was not increasing in damage as stated in the tooltip.
    • Fixed a bug where players were unintentionally gaining additional stacks of Chilling Touch on Mythic difficulty.

The race is certainly turning out to be an interesting one, with the ice wall being the focus of attention (at least on Method's side of things, as we still don't know what point Limit are at). The weekend has arrived so there will presumably be later nights for progression and we'll get to see just how doable passing the wall will be.


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Yup, after being ex-machina for so long, she became OP...

I just hope she will dissapear from game as others with great power did 😉 

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One day she will *filtered* up her oh *filtered* teleport and end up dead. Hopefuly. But i guess she will just use another oh *filtered* teleport


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