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(H) Animosity-Draenor

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Animosity is a raiding guild on EU-Draenor.


We have a strong foundation, skilled player base and environment where everyone can enjoy progressing through the raiding content that WoW has to offer!


Animosity have a lot of players who have been playing since vanilla. If you would like to join a chilled, friendly and focused guild then we may be for you


We raid Wed/Thur/Sun 20:30 until 23:00 server.


We are currently mainly looking for healers but all classes will be considered



• We require that all of our recruits are knowledgeable about their class - main and offspec;

• A working mic, is able to fully communicate on Discord and be fluently able to speak English;

• A good and stable internet connection and well prepared;

• Players who are able to give & take criticism maturely and improve their game play where needed;

• Adequate raiding experience and good understanding of how progression works;

• Someone who is able to have a laugh and has a terrible sense of humour.



• Stable guild with experienced raiders and gamers who have been playing together for years;

• A great atmosphere inside and outside of raids;

• A friendly and healthy guild!


We are looking for like-minded players to join us on our quest to progress through the hardest content this expansion has to offer, and have a laugh while we do it!


If you are interested in applying please contact any of the officers:

Leader: Platereamer (Aien#2567)

Raid Leader: Chikiwawa (Phil#2635)

Officer: Wervada (Wervada#2850)

Officer: Rottenfish (Rottenfish#2348)

Officer: Gypó (Kreep#2194)

Recruiter: Zolloz (Zartur#2752)

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