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Most Important Stat

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Okay, so let me start this off by saying this; I am new to WoW but I am 100% aware that Strength is the most important stat for Warriors when talking about the major stats.


Now let's get started, as stated before I am new to WoW and I've decided to play a Warrior, specifically Arms mainly because I tried Fury and for whatever reason  2 weapons didn't seem to outdamage Arms having 1 (feel free to clear that up if you want but that's not the point of this topic).  What I can't seem to figure out is which stat in the melee character information window is the most important to increase damage between Damage, DPS, and Attack power. I've asked people and there are 3 types of people so far. The first say Strength.. Well duh. The 2nd say Attack Power and the 3rd say Damage. While testing I've gotten mixed results. Sometimes the weapon with Attack Power superirioty does more damage (both in sheer numbers and Recount damage done) and sometimes it will be the weapon with Damage superiority that wins. I want to be able to understand which is better so that i can actually know why I'm picking the weapon I'm using and not just going by item level like I've been recommended to do. 


To maybe help a little let's use a specific example that I'm trying to figure out currently. 


When I use this Ghostheart those stats are; Damage 14,200-19,440, DPS 4,985 and Attack Power 11,580.


When I use this Warmace of Taran Zhu those stats are; Damage 13,301-17,858, DPS 4,493, and Attack Power 13,036. 


The numbers I see/recount damage done is about the same and I'm curious how. It seems like the Warmace would be worse despite the +Strength because of the 2,000 damage difference however the Attack Power is significantly better on it. Does that matter? What do the 3 of those stats do? What do skills scale off of? Any help would be great, I really enjoy the game so far and I'm just trying to understand why I'm doing the things I'm being told that I should be doing so I can eventually make my own decisions and not follow guides or peoples advice. 


Thanks in advance for any replies and sorry for the long drawn out topic.

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As a warrior you gain attack power based on strength (1 Str = 2 AP), which is why it's your primary stat. Agility is essentially useless for you. The item level (ilvl) of the two weapons is far enough apart to the point that the sub-optimal weapon may seem to be performing equal/better but you'll always be better served using the highest ilvl 2-hand weapon with strength on it. If the ilvl is higher the weapon damage and DPS will be higher also. The choice between 2 equal ilvl weapons will be based on their secondary stats (hit/expertise and mastery/crit/haste) and which ones you prefer. Hit/expertise are both top until their caps (7.5% of each) and for arms it would be crit>mastery>haste after that. The same logic applies to armor, just without the damage/DPS part, that's only on weapons.

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Alright, so then in the case of these 2 weapons I would be better off using the Axe even though it has a lower ilvl because it has strength on it?

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Definitely. Weapon damage *is* important, never forget that, but unless the difference in ilvl between the 2 weapons is huge (speaking of ~30-40+ here) the lack of strength on the weapon won't make up for the increased damage.

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    • By Nesmuricus
      Hello y'all, 
      So I'll cut right to the chase. I feel like I'm under performing. Or I could be doing just fine with my current gear/stats (SimCraft may have given me unrealistic expectations).
      I have decent stats, draught and convergence, and my 4 piece. These are all on the lower side, so I think that would be one way to improve my DPS, but that's not what I'm here for. I ran a Sim today and it states that under ideal conditions and a perfect run, I should be doing around 900k, with an initial burst of 1.7k, and a couple peaks around a mil. I don't see these numbers, especially the peaks of 1 mil, while I run though, which leads me to my original point of me thinking I'm doing something wrong. Heroic Krosus Heroic Guldan
      One thing someone will probably point out is that I wasn't using pre-pots on either of those. That'll change in the future. 
      My rotation is based off of the Fury Discord guide.
      Opener - Charge/BT/BC/Rampage/Drought/RB
      I'll usually then BT or Rampage based on rage, OF, and then go into a priority system of Enraged RB > BT > FS > RB
      Rampage at 100 rage.
      At execute phase, my execute rotation is:
      Execute/FS/BT in that order to keep myself at 100 rage for Frothing. While this is what the Fury Discord states, I tend to not get a ton of Execute damage on the boss and feel this is one area I could be doing something wrong.
      On add fights, I know that I don't incorporate Whirlwind enough into my rotation, and that's something I need to be a bit mindful of. But after I burst, I tend to drop down at a steady rate. I don't usually see my DPS jump back up unless I Drought (which makes sense), but when I'm doing my standard rotation I can't keep my numbers up. Krosus should be a straight forward fight, but if you look at the logs, my dps drops to around 500k. Am I screwing something up? Or am I pulling comparable DPS to a fury warrior with 897 ilvl. 
      Thank you all for any help you can provide to me. I greatly appreciate it. I just want to bring honor and glory to all of my warrior brethren out there.
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      This thread is for comments about our N'Zoth Control Warrior Un'Goro Standard Deck.
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      Some backstory - I started as a protection warrior so I could pull a load of mobs and AoE them into a puddle over time without being liquefied myself.
      I went like this from 1-100 without a hitch. Switched to Arms because of my fascination with Blademasters and Blackhand and I was promptly curb-stomped into oblivion.

      From what I've experienced, Arms has incredibly bursty unpredictable damage which can either annihilate a target or grant you no procs whatsoever making for long gaps in the fight during which you will do negligible damage.

      The only self-healing abilities you have are:
      Second Wind - Restores 6% of your maximum health ever 1 second after 5 seconds without taking damage.
      Victory Rush - Heals you for 30% of your maximum health, only useable after killing an enemy.
      Touch of Zakajz - 3%-6%-9% of mortal strike's damage is returned to you as health.

      If during a fight a monster starts out DPSing you, the fight is already over and you are graced with the choice of fleeing or dying because your defensive cooldowns aren't the best thing in the world.
      This becomes very evident when attempting to solo rares or even packs of mobs larger than three at 110.

      There are two builds for Arms circling the web.
      In short these are their gimmicks.
      Focused Rage
      -Excellent burst damage
      -Great for sniping stragglers in PvP
      -Very clunky use of Focused Rage
      -Only shines in Colossus Smash windows
      -Very Poor AoE, cooldown based
      Mortal Combo
      -More rage to use without FR
      -Consistent damage
      -Some freedom with talents
      -Stale rotation (You don't build towards something)
      -Sub-par AoE
      -Poor burst damage

      I had an astonishingly hard time as an Arms warrior, even fighting two enemies at a time I would come very close to dying.
      My damage was GREAT but only during the windows provided by battle cry/avatar combo.
      My survivability sucked, my damage sucked, my AoE sucked, and I ended going back to Protection to progress.

      I REALLY want to like Arms, but it just falls on its face every time I try to use it.

      I call to you Arms warriors, you brave few - what is the trick to the specialization?
      What is the purpose / focus of the spec?
    • By ZuzgwangGroo
      Hello all, 
                   Thanks for your yalls time and I hope I am in the the right place to ask. First things first, here is my toons info page. . The question I have is this. On the Arms Warrior guide, it states the the stat priority for Arms Warrior is Mastery>Haste>Versatility>Strength>Crit . Then the first thing it says in the next paragraph is the following.
      Strength is your primary statistic. You should look for it in all of your upgrades. It provides you with Attack Power, which determines the damage your abilities do.
      Critical Strike provides additional damage to your attacks and abilities, and also increases your rage generated by auto-attack swings on successful critical strikes.
      As a on and off again / returning player and all around general boob, I mean, NOOB lol, this is extremely confusing. I am already and almost done with my main Warrior quest, and I have so far chosen gear that focused on Mastery and Haste. But from that the guide says, I am doing it wrong?
      Thanks again for your time , any help would be appreciated, and MUCH LOVE from Wisconsin :)
      All Who Wander Are Not Lost :)