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[EU - Argent Dawn] [A] Light - LF Ranged DPS / Healer - 10/14HC SoO

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Hello to everyone who reads this! :)

We are currently looking for a healer and ranged DPS who has some heroic experience, fun to raid with, doesn't mind wiping, progress and get kills with a team of skilled players!

We're currently recruiting for our main 10man core team and plan on getting ready for 20man Mythic raids so we're not recruiting all in one go. We are looking for: 

2 Ranged DPS Spots:

- Balance Druid
- Mage
- Warlock
- Elemental Shaman

1 Healer Spot:

- Resto Druid with Balance Off-Spec
- Resto Shammy with Elemental Off-Spec
- MW Monk - but will have to be very very good, as you'd be MW full-time :)

Healers will have to be confident in 2 healing heroic bosses. Knowing both specs to a high-end standard is preferred to avoid switching players around less.

What we require from you:

- High enough Ilvl to get straight into SoO Heroics (550+ prefered)
- Legendary Cape, or close to getting
- Heroic Experience within this expansion
- Fun personality
- Can raid 4 days a week
- Doesn't mind to wipe and progress for kills
- TEAM PLAYER, very important
- Take guild progress / kills over loot, loot is extra!
- Love to raid

The requirements may sound a little harsh, but to keep progressing through you need someone with these requirements to make them a great asset to the raid team and guild :) We are not here to just gear someone up, but to keep progressing through heroics!

We Raid (realm time):

Wednesdays (8.30pm - 11.30pm)
Fridays (9pm - 12pm which can be extended)
Sundays (8.30pm - 11.30pm)
Mondays (8.30pm - 11.30pm)

Our raid team consists of mostly raiders based in the UK also! So we are an English only guild in guild chat and raids - However you can speak whatever language outside of those!

If your interested in joining us, please apply on our website " http://www.light-guild.shivtr.com/forums " or if you'd like more information, message me in-game at Max#22944 and leave me your in-game name in a message and tell me your class, ilvl and progress :)

Thanks very much for your time reading.

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