[US-Proudmoore][A] Chaotic Intent 10-man 13/14N SoO LFM

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Hello Warcrafters !!


Chaotic Intent Alliance Proudmoore US Server - http://chaoticintent.guildlaunch.com


Raid Times: TUESDAY, THURSDAY, SUNDAY // 6-9 PM PST server time (9-12 PM EST)




1 Ranged DPS- S Priest, Boomkin, Mage , Hunter 550+

1 Healer - Resto Druid, Priest, or Mistweaver 545 +


Prefer players that have 8/14 experience and have cloak but will take applicants willing to raid 3 days a week and working on cloak.


Currently 13/14 Normal SoO 


Mumble is mandatory.


About us:

We are a small guild that is focused on raiding current content and having fun while doing it. The guild atmosphere is laid back and we enjoy each others company and humor while gaming. 


What you can expect from US:

- No discrimination of any kind.

- A consistent raid slot if we find that you are a good fit with us. We are recruiting you to RAID, not to sit on the bench.

- Consideration. We understand that RL things crop up, and we work around your needs.


Casual Members are always welcome, we do run dungeons and do achievements runs and such on off days as well. 


If you have any questions, please get in touch directly with Battletag: inz0mn1ak#1522 (Grimsock ) , 


or send a tell in game to Nexvates (Co-GM), Raamas (Officer) Pepally (officer) with any questions.

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