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Shadow and gemming: be happy

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Hi all


I have just switch from mutilate to combat thanks to recent loot.

Go back to my original spec <3`

but something make me not sleep.I can't close my eyes, I have raid tomorrow and do not understand one thing.

Please I am asking help!!!!!

I have asked advice to shadow craft for regemming but sometime he advice me to take +320 haste and sometimes + 80 Agi +160 haste. Do understand why because according the weight the +320 haste should be always preferred.


Is there a thing that i am missing? A link to my gear below :




Before hemming for an important raid of tomorrow I would like to understand the difference.

With KR




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stupid question

you can delete this post. I was tired when I was writing this. I misread shadow craft advices.

It is just question of taking the agi bonus


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