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    • By Staff
      Blizzard have added some clarification and detailed recent changes to the Season 4 Fated system, from the reduction in boss kills per quest, to a catch-up mechanic later in the season, as well as  confirming new portals to the S4 M+ dungeons for +20 keys, and stating the endboss mount drop rates for the Sepulcher and Sanctum will actually remain until Dragonflight launches! 
      Season 4 (Source)
      Hey folks! Just a quick update - with Season 4’s release date finally announced, I wanted to circle back to this thread and talk about how some of these experiments will be tuned/updated based on your feedback. Thanks again to everyone in this thread & elsewhere for your thoughts!
      I won’t give exact numbers here as we’re still talking about them internally, but:
      As written above, players clearing 10 Fated bosses per week would acquire their season’s limit of Dinar (the currency used to buy Fated raid items) by 6 weeks at the earliest. We’re going to lower the number of kills required on each quest such that it’ll land somewhere in the 4.5/5 week range instead. We’ve also heard a lot of feedback about how if you joined late into Season 4 or had alts you wanted to play, you’d be met with a pretty large wall of Quests/Boss Kills necessary to access the system, which felt like it ran counter to the lessons learned with the Creation Catalyst. Exact details TBD, but after a certain period we’ll be heavily reducing the requirements for these 3 quests. This way the initial progression experience of early Season 4 is intact, but that the later it goes, you’ll be able to raid on a new character or with a new friend without being so far behind. Just to mention it, we’re not currently looking at changing the rate of acquiring the materials to upgrade a Fated item to Heroic or Mythic. It’ll stay as a 100% droprate from Heroic & Mythic bosses, and then require 20 to transform. Lastly, while this thread is specifically about the experimental Raid Rewards systems coming to S4, there’s been some questions elsewhere about Mythic Plus we can answer here. As many of you may know, Shadowlands Season 4 is changing the dungeon pool to both halves of Tazavesh, the Veiled Market, Operation: Mechagon, Return to Karazhan, and the Warlords of Draenor dungeons Grimrail Depot & Iron Docks - along with a new seasonal affix. We’ve seen it speculated, but to confirm: the Keystone Hero achievements for these dungeons (obtained by completing them on a +20 Keystone or higher) will give Hero’s Path Portals to these locations, and operate just like the ones that exist in Shadowlands at present.
      Thanks for reading, thanks for your feedback, and if you have major questions that haven’t been covered in this post (or the ones before it in this thread), let us know and we’ll do our best to clarify.
      P.S. While the ‘Ahead of the Curve’ & ‘Cutting Edge’ Feats of Strength are going away when Season 4 launches, the Carcinized Zerethsteed (from killing Heroic Jailer), as well as the 100% Droprates from the Mythic Sylvanas and Mythic Jailer mounts aren’t going away until Dragonflight launches (The Sylvanas and Jailer mythic mounts will stay in the game, but be significantly reduced in droprate as with previous expansions).
      See you all in Season 4!
    • By Stan
      If there's a horn stuck on your back since Patch 9.1, here's what you need to do to remove it.
      If you're running around with this horn on live servers and wonder how to remove it, there's a simple solution for the issue.

      The horn is part of the Patch 9.1 questline that revolves around Odyn and disabling the Eye of the Jailer and its effect in the Maw. Therefore, you must complete (or abandon) related campaign quests! Open your Quest Log and search for any of the quests listed here:
      A Show of Gratitude Ease of Passage Grab Bag Hearing Aid Birds of a Feather The Caged Bird Claim the Sky A Hate-Hate Relationship Fury Given Voice Wrath of Odyn Mawsplaining Anger Management Tears of the Damned Focusing the Eye You can either complete or abandon them to remove the cosmetic horn.

      If that didn't help, try dying or entering an Arena or Skirmish which removes any hidden buffs from your character.
    • By Stan
      Here's a huge batch of the best transmogs from Reddit submitted by the community!
      We have another round of carefully curated transmogs for you! We're including a list of items for each set to make it easier for you to mimic the desired appearance. Let us know which transmog is your favorite in the comments down below.
      Arcane Wanderer (Cloth) Transmog

      Exotic Pet Collector Transmog

      The Wulfen King Transmog

      Piercing Quarz (White Druid Leather Transmog)

      Celestial Knight Transmog

      Titanforged Paladin Plate Transmog

      Smashing & Slicing Rogue Leather Transmog

      Red Samurai Transmog

      Mercenary of Stormwind Transmog

      Hunter Mail Transmog

      Corrupted Shaman Mail Transmog

      Beacon of Retribution Plate Transmog

      Holy Hamburger Plate Transmog

      Elder Ronin Transmog

      Ren'dorei Blademaster Leather Transmog

      Bear Belly Transmog

      Fallen Knight Plate Transmog

      Archdragon Transmog

      Ancient King Cloth Transmog

      Transcendental Huntsman Mail Transmog

      Rocky Leather Transmog

      Venom Plate Transmog

      Blood Ranger Mail Transmog

      Fire Survival Hunter Mail Transmog

      Dark Ranger of Lordaeron Mail Transmog

      Darkener Cloth Transmog

    • By Starym
      Here's an old but still very weird one, as a player recently remembered an old and somewhat obscure Warlords of Draenor incident. Haji-me remembered having "Darren's Bombing Run of Awesomeness" developer/GM-only quest shared to them and wondering what exactly was going on, as hundreds of siege cannons started floating around as the quest asked them to slay dudes. But that's not the weirdest thing, as the player is actually invulnerable while it's all happening!

      Luckily XYAYUSDYDZCXS in the comments had the answer as to what was happening, as this quest somehow reached players back in WoD, with the original source being unclear (possibly a GM initially shared it and then it just spread). Everything that's happening is just client-side, so no one is seeing it but the player accpting the quest, and the character is actually standing in place, but is also invulnerable - so apparently some enterprising players were using it to capture points in battlegrounds and similar.
      Why exactly a developer would even make this is quite the mystery, and it seems unlikely the quest still exists in players' logs as the issue almost certainly got addressed back when it happened, but it sure would be cool to see it again today (minus the invulnerability exploit, of course)!
      Did you know about this little piece of WoW trivia? It came as quite a bit of a cool surprise to me, as I had never heard of it back in the day, but it certainly is a fun one!
    • By Stan
      Folks over at r/woweconomy started discussing possible implications of region-wide Auction House commodities coming in Patch 9.2.7 and we have the highlights.
      Blizzard surprised us with a Patch 9.2.7 update which brings region-wide Auction House commodities and a new chat channel for trade. Note that the region-wide commodity change only applies to materials. Armor and weapons will continue to be realm-specific.
      Auction Houses across all realms on a given region will now share commodity listings (gems, herbs, flasks, consumables, etc.). Items that aren’t commodities –- like armor and weapons –- will continue to be realm-specific. The gold making community at r/woweconomy started theorizing about the impact of region-wide commodities. Here's an overview of the main points:
      The price of materials should drastically go down on low population / dead realms with the introduction of region-wide commodities. Low pop realms should also see items that wouldn't be otherwise available on the Auction House on their realm. The Auction House is somewhat laggy on high-population realms and gold makers wonder if Blizzard's back-end structure will be able to handle region-wide commodities during peak hours. Gold makers worry that they'll have to compete with bots from other servers. The increased competition will drive prices down for almost everything. Instead of competing with your server, you'll compete with the whole region. Gold makers won't be able to reset the market, which often happens if an individual controls specific goods to drive out competition. People will make less gold selling herbs, flasks, enchants, gems, and so forth. Homogenizing markets takes the fun out of figuring out server niches. The cost of commodities and consumables will normalize across the region. Vendor shuffles will likely become more popular. Source: WoW Economy
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