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Official Cosplay Battle Finals Voting

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The official Cosplay Battle Europe projects are done and we have 6 amazing entries from 6 European countries, whose topics were chosen by the community and that the artists put a huge amount of effort into. Now it's time to vote for the best and get a chance to win one of 10 Overwatch goodie bags filled with art books, Funko Pops, plushies and a lot more!

Now let's get started with the first entry, United Kingdom's Forest Spirit Orisa:



The UK team stayed true to Orisa's impressive size with their massive cosplay, worn by two people. Their Forest Spirit creation successfully combines natural and robotic elements, with animated effects.

Then it's on to France and a more regal theme, with their very red Magni Torbjörn:



The French team gave us Torbjörn in the flesh with a custom body suit that mimics his shape, as well as his impressive beard. They also successfully replicated the intricate armor of his Magni skin.

The third entry comes from Russia and somehow isn't Zarya. Here comes classic D.Va:



The Russian team pulled out all the stops with their Classic D.Va cosplay, including her monumental mech. The colossal creature can fit a whole person inside, with lighting effects and moving parts to boot.

Then we're on to Spain and Baihu Genji:



The Spanish team brought together an impressive variety of elements to craft the detailed armor of Genji's Baihu skin, including hundreds of individually printed scales.

It seems that Spain and Italy share similar tastes, as the penultimate entry is also Genji, with the Italians picking the Blackwatch version:



The Italian team flawlessly pulled together a combination of detailed organic and cyborg elements for Genji's Blackwatch skin, including an intricate representation of his Dragonblade.

And finally, we have Germany and Dragon Symmetra:



The German team brought Symmetra's glowing Dragon skin to life, with an intricate custom head piece as well as detailed color schemes and transitions.


Some truly impressive pieces there. Now head on over to the voting page and share your opinion there, as the voting closes on March 24th and we find out what the Overwatch community likes best on the 26th!

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    • By Starym
      There's a huge new feature coming to Overwatch and it's already on the PTR! Jeff Kaplan goes into detail on the Workshop, where you can make your own custom game modes, but also "prototype your own Heroes". It seems this new feature is similar to the StarCraft 2 Arcade, which is amazing, as we've had some really great custom modes come out of that (not to mention the all time best "mod", DotA, which came from WC3). The potential here is huge and it'll be very exciting to see what players come up with, especially in regards to the possible different Hero prototypes.
      The Workshop will be available to PC and Console users, but is aimed more at "power users" aka players with some experience with other scripting engines. But hey, the rest of us get to enjoy their creations, with Jeff giving some examples like Hide and Seek, the Floor is Lava and Mirrored Deathmatch, where everyone is the same Hero for a minute and then it switches. Jeff goes into much more detail, such as the fact that this isn't a map editor, the fact that you will be able to carry over your custom modes from the PTR to live and more, so definitely check out the video:
      This might be one of the biggest updates to Overwatch yet, adding a whole lot of potential variety to the game. Here are the official patch notes as well:
      April 24 (source)
      We’re excited to share a new in-game feature called the Workshop! The Workshop greatly expands the game customization features available in the Game Browser by adding a simplified game scripting system. Enhance the Overwatch game modes you know and love with new game rules, victory conditions, adjustments to the heroes’ movements and abilities, and much more. Once you’ve created an awesome new game, create a code to share it with your friends or the whole community! For information on how to get started using the Workshop, see our Workshop blog post. We’re excited to see what you come up with!
      Note that this is a test of an in-development feature, so we may need to adjust or turn it off as we work to improve it. Please post any questions or stability issues in the PTR Feedback forum.
      Immortality Field If it lands on a moving platform, it will move along with the platform Wrecking Ball
      Minefield If a mine lands on a moving platform, it will move along with the platform BUG FIXES
      Fixed a bug where Immortality Field would become stuck under some objects Fixed a bug where Immortality Field would behave oddly when placed on a moving platform Fixed a bug where a healing grenade would appear in his Biotic Launcher when it is out of ammo Fixed a bug where the healing grenades from the Biotic Launcher wouldn’t hit teammates when deflected by Genji’s Deflect D.Va
      Fixed a bug where D.Va’s speed when using Boosters decreased dramatically when flying over some platforms Genji
      Fixed a bug where Genji couldn’t climb up certain pillars on the Havana map Hanzo
      Fixed a bug where Hanzo couldn’t climb up certain pillars on the Havana map Moira
      Fixed a bug with Moira’s Scientist skin where her lab coat would clip into itself while using the Erlenmeyer victory pose Orisa
      Fixed a bug where damage boosting from a teammate’s ability (such as Baptiste’s Amplification Matrix) would count towards Orisa’s damage amplified statistic when using Supercharger One of the biggest new features yet: make your own game modes and Hero prototypes!
    • By Starym
      There's a whole bunch of Overwatch news to cover, starting with the free week that's going on right now! Why exactly we're only finding out about it two days into the free week is the question, and why it was only tweeted on the EU account is another mystery. What is clear is that the free game time lasts until April 23rd, the game is free on all platforms, and there's a 25% off sale for the base game, 50% off the Legendary edition lasting until April 28th:
      The bigger news is the announcement of the expected new map, focused on the current Archives event location, and we're getting the Havana Assault "soon":
      And finally, we have the Jeff Kaplan developer update for the Storm Rising event, covering everything about the new Archives experience, from the characters, setting, Maximillian, changes to Talon units, rewards and more:
    • By Starym
      The latest Overwatch event is now live, with the Archives opening up to Storm Rising, an old operation Tracer, Mercy, Genji and Winston undertook in Cuba to take down Doomfist's accountant! We also have significant Hero changes for Junkrat's main gun, Reaper's Shadow Step and a minor change to Symmetra's Teleport, as well as the usual improvements and bug fixes.
      We also get previous years' Archives PvE missions, in Uprsing and Retribution, and you can check out a handy FAQ for them all here. And if you missed all the new skin reveals, you can check them all out over at the official Archives page, as well as the three new highlight intros.
      April 16th (source)
      New Seasonal Event: Overwatch Archives 2019 — Storm Rising
      Experience a decisive moment in Overwatch’s history during the Overwatch Archives event! Get ready to travel back in time and visit beautiful Havana, Cuba where Overwatch agents are hot on the trail of the notorious businessman and Talon associate Maximilien. Team up with your friends to capture and interrogate Maximilien—whose knowledge could shape the future of Overwatch. Relive the action of previous Archives events, where you’ll fight off hordes of Talon agents while escaping Rialto and stop an Omnic insurrection in King’s Row. You’ll earn Archives Loot Boxes as you play, unlocking cosmetics from Overwatch’s past, including Legendary skins like Deadlock McCree, Scientist Moira, Talon Baptiste, Socialite Ashe, and many more!
      Frag Launcher Projectile speed increased from 20 to 25 Grenades now bounce less but explode sooner Developer Comments: With this change, we’re looking to slightly increase the range at which Junkrat can land direct hits. The speed of his bombs has increased, but we tuned it so this wouldn’t affect the arc of his projectile. This means that aiming with it will feel the same. The grenades bounce less and explode sooner, which will allow Junkrat to aim them more deliberately. This will reduce the amount of rolling grenade spam when playing against him.
      Shadow Step Can now be used in air Time to exit Shadow Step reduced from 1.0 second to 0.5 of a second Reaper is now invisible for the entire time it takes to exit shadow step Railings and other breakable objects no longer block teleporting Disabled by Zarya’s Graviton Surge and Junkrat’s Steel Trap Developer Comments: Shadow Step was originally intended to be purely an out-of-combat mobility tool to traverse the map, since Wraith Form was already a great tool for disengaging. However, this made Shadow Step very situational, so we’re increasing its flexibility to make it a better, less niche ability. This will enable Reaper to use Shadow Step in more offensive situations.
      Teleporter Railings and other breakable objects no longer block teleporter placement and teleporting USER INTERFACE UPDATES
      Hero Gallery
      You can now set your Victory Pose choice to random Social
      There is now an option to set your profile so only your current group can view it BUG FIXES
      Fixed a bug that caused the player’s view to become jittery while standing on certain objects Fixed an issue where the camera would be offset slightly when changing rapidly into third person view Fixed an issue where players were able to shoot through unintended small gaps on the Ilios, Nepal, and Temple of Anubis maps Fixed a bug where your view would become level with the horizon after using Symmetra’s Teleporter Heroes
      Fixed an issue with the steam not rising correctly from Ana’s cup in the Tea Time emote Fixed a bug where Ana didn’t receive audio or visual cues when a hero she boosted landed a shot Ashe
      Fixed a bug where the Orb of Discord sound effect would play when Bob was affected by Zenyatta’s Orb of Discord Fixed an issue where Bob wouldn’t consistently stop and damage large objects deployed by heroes, like Junkrat’s RIP-Tire or Orisa’s Supercharger, if he encountered them while running Baptiste
      Fixed a bug where Immortality Field wasn’t immediately destroyed when it is hit by the payload Bastion
      Fixed a bug where Bastion would take damage while in Sentry Mode if it was hit into a wall by Doomfist’s Rocket Punch Doomfist
      Fixed a bug where enemies would not collide with walls while being knocked back by Rocket Punch Fixed a bug where Seismic Slam wouldn’t break objects that should break Fixed an issue where Rocket Punch would knock back Orisa even if she was using Fortify Mei
      Fixed a bug where Mei could not be healed by other heroes while using Cryo-Freeze Mercy
      Fixed a bug where Mercy didn’t receive audio or visual cues when a hero she boosted landed a shot Fixed a bug where Mercy didn’t receive defensive assist credit from healing beams when using Valkyrie Orisa
      Fixed a bug where Orisa would take damage while using Fortify if she was hit into a wall by Doomfist’s Rocket Punch Reinhardt
      Fixed a bug where Reinhardt was unable to raise his shield properly while looking upwards if he had opened his shield while looking downwards Soldier: 76
      Fixed a bug where his Heroic victory pose didn’t loop properly Symmetra
      Fixed a bug where Symmetra would gain ultimate charge when her Sentry Turrets were attacking objects deployed by other heroes (Wrecking Ball’s Minefield, Torbjörn’s Deploy Turret, etc.) Torbjörn
      Fixed a bug where Torbjörn would gain ultimate charge when his Deploy Turret was attacking objects deployed by other heroes (Wrecking Ball’s Minefield, Symmetra’s Sentry Turrets, etc.) Widowmaker
      Fixed a bug where Widowmaker’s rifle goes into her head and shoulders while walking and aiming her scope, when wearing the Biathalon skin Fixed a bug where dying did not cancel Infra-Sight Maps
      Black Forest
      Fixed a bug where flying heroes could get stuck on trees and wall climbing heroes could get stuck on birds’ nests Busan
      Fixed a bug where flying heroes could get stuck on trees Fixed a bug on the Sanctuary map where heroes would bounce when standing on the edge of the first capture point Castillo
      Fixed a bug where Reaper could Shadow Step to unintended places Dorado
      Fixed a bug where the spectator camera started at the incorrect position Horizon Lunar Colony
      Fixed a bug where players could get stuck on top of a worktable King’s Row
      Fixed a bug where Junkrat’s RIP-Tire could get stuck in the grates on the ground in King’s Row Oasis
      Fixed a bug on the University map where a hero that touches the enemy team’s spawn room doors will take significant damage Numbani
      Fixed a bug where D.Va would get stuck behind a desk when using Call Mech Fixed a bug where ivy on walls was preventing certain abilities from impacting enemies, like Winston’s Tesla Cannon and Doomfist’s Meteor Strike Rialto
      Fixed a bug where players killed on a specific bridge would fall through the bridge Fixed an issue where players could become stuck between a dolly, the wall, and a counter Watchpoint: Gibraltar
      Fixed a bug where Wrecking Ball would get stuck on ventilation ducts   The Storm has arrived and brings new skins, a PvE mission and Hero changes!
    • By Starym
      The latest Archives event is almost upon us, less than a day away in fact, and we have a bunch of new skins that have been revealed over the last few days, but, more importantly, here's the trailer for Storm Rising!
      Tracer on a bike! While that's probably not going to be part of the gameplay it's still cool to see, and while the Heroes were sporting their default looks in the trailer, we did have some reveals on that front over the past few days:
      First off, there's Formal: 76, a pretty self-explanatory skin:
      We then have a bit of a spooky, evil-omnic-y Bastion:
      Not all skins can be legendary, so we have the somewhat "normal" epic Zarya Racer:
      And finally, to accompany Formal: 76, we have his old buddy Ashe getting all cleaned up and ready for some high society:
    • By Starym
      As the Archives event comes ever closer, the cosmetics reveals are heating up, especially in the highlight intro arena. In a surprise reply to a fan's tweet, Blizzard shared a snippet of possibly the best highlight intro so far, ever, featuring Wrecking Ball:
      We then have the more standard reveals for skins, starting with Scientist Moira:
      Followed by Deadlock McCree:
      And finishing up with more Hammond goodness:
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