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Tiger's Peak Arena Temporarily Disabled

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Tiger's Peak, introduced back in Mists of Pandaria, will be removed from the pool of Arena maps with next week's maintenance. 

In order to fix some bugs with Tiger's Peak, Blizzard today announced they're disabling the Arena until further notice. They expect it to re-open in a future game update, so it's likely going to be added back to the pools of Arena maps in Patch 8.2.

Blizzard LogoBlizzard (Source)

In order to fix some issues with Tiger’s Peak, we’re removing it from the pool of Arena maps. This should take place during our next scheduled maintenance.

We expect to re-open this Arena in a future update to the game.

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      Accord of Haste (Rank 1) Accord of Haste (Rank 2) Accord of Haste (Rank 3) Enchant Ring - Accord of Mastery
      Accord of Mastery (Rank 1) Accord of Mastery (Rank 2) Accord of Mastery (Rank 3) Enchant Ring - Accord of Versatility
      Accord of Versatility (Rank 1) Accord of Versatility (Rank 2) Accord of Versatility (Rank 3) Weapon Enchants increase a primary stat by 264 and a secondary stat by 170. In some instances, there's an absorption effect or a chance to refund mana instead of the secondary stat increase.
      Enchant Weapon - Force Multiplier - Permanently enchant a weapon to occasionally increase Strength or Agility by 45 and Mastery, Haste, or Critical Strike by 29 for 15 sec. Your highest stat is always chosen.
      Force Multiplier (Rank 1) Force Multiplier (Rank 2) Force Multiplier (Rank 3) Enchant Weapon - Machinist's Brilliance - Permanently enchant a weapon to occasionally increase Intellect by 264 and Mastery, Haste, or Critical Strike by 170 for 15 sec. Your highest stat is always chosen.
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      Oceanic Restoration (Rank 1) Oceanic Restoration (Rank 2) Oceanic Restoration (Rank 3) Mount Equipment (Light-Step Hoofplates)
      Light-Step Hoofplates increases your mount's ground speed by 20%. Weapons (Notorious Combatant's Sorcerous Scepter)
      Enchanters will be able to create a new BoE ilvl 370 wand in Rise of Azshara.
      Notorious Combatant's Sorcerous Scepter (Rank 1) Notorious Combatant's Sorcerous Scepter (Rank 2) Notorious Combatant's Sorcerous Scepter (Rank 3) Other 8.2 Profession Previews
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    • By Stan
      A rundown of new Blacksmithing recipes available in Rise of Azshara.
      New Crafting Materials
      Miners will be able to gather Osmenite Ore in Nazjatar, required to produce new Blacksmithing items in Patch 8.2.
      BoP Gear
      There are two new BoP items (belt/legs slot), starting at ilvl 410 going up all the way to ilvl 440. 
      #1 Osmenite Girdle + Osmenite Legguards (ilvl 410)
      Osmenite Girdle Osmenite Legguards #2 Reinforced Osmenite Girdle + Reinforced Osmenite Legguards (ilvl 425)
      Reinforced Osmenite Girdle Reinforced Osmenite Legguards #3 Banded Osmenite Girdle + Banded Osmenite Legguards (ilvl 440)
      Banded Osmenite Girdle Banded Osmenite Legguards BoE Gear
      We have new BoE gear of ilvl 370 which can be sold on the Auction House.
      Rank #2 - Reduces the materials required to craft the items. Rank #3 - Greatly reduces the materials required to craft the items. Rank 2&3 patterns can be purchased from PvP Quartermaster Dazzerian in Nazjatar.
      Feet -> Notorious Combatant's Plate Boots
      Notorious Combatant's Plate Boots (Rank 1) Notorious Combatant's Plate Boots (Rank 2) Notorious Combatant's Plate Boots (Rank 3) Hands -> Notorious Combatant's Plate Gauntlets
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      Notorious Combatant's Plate Greaves (Rank 1) Notorious Combatant's Plate Greaves (Rank 2) Notorious Combatant's Plate Greaves (Rank 3) Waist -> Notorious Combatant's Plate Waistguard
      Notorious Combatant's Plate Waistguard (Rank 1) Notorious Combatant's Plate Waistguard (Rank 2) Notorious Combatant's Plate Waistguard (Rank 3) Wrists -> Notorious Combatant's Plate Armguards
      Notorious Combatant's Plate Armguards (Rank 1) Notorious Combatant's Plate Armguards (Rank 2) Notorious Combatant's Plate Armguards (Rank 3) Weapons
       1H Dagger (Caster) -> Notorious Combatant's Spellblade
      Notorious Combatant's Spellblade (Rank 1) Notorious Combatant's Spellblade (Rank 2) Notorious Combatant's Spellblade (Rank 3) 1H Dagger (Melee) -> Notorious Combatant's Shanker
      Notorious Combatant's Shanker (Rank 1) Notorious Combatant's Shanker (Rank 2) Notorious Combatant's Shanker (Rank 3) 1H Sword -> Notorious Combatant's Cutlass
      Notorious Combatant's Cutlass (Rank 1) Notorious Combatant's Cutlass (Rank 2) Notorious Combatant's Cutlass (Rank 3) 2H Mace -> Notorious Combatant's Deckpounder
      Notorious Combatant's Deckpounder (Rank 1) Notorious Combatant's Deckpounder (Rank 2) Notorious Combatant's Deckpounder (Rank 3) 2H Polearm -> Notorious Combatant's Polearm
      Notorious Combatant's Polearm (Rank 1) Notorious Combatant's Polearm (Rank 2) Notorious Combatant's Polearm (Rank 3) Shields -> Notorious Combatant's Shield
      Notorious Combatant's Shield (Rank 1) Notorious Combatant's Shield (Rank 2) Notorious Combatant's Shield (Rank 3) Mount Equipment
      Inflatable Mount Shoes
      Blacksmiths will be able to craft Inflatable Mount Shoes, which enable water walking.
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