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[H] Leviathan Tarren Mill-EU 2/9M

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[H] Leviathan Tarren Mill-EU 2/9M

Hey there!
Leviathan on Tarren Mill-EU are currently recruiting a few more DPS to fully complete our roster. We offer a friendly atmosphere where everyone on our team can test their skill in both mythic raiding as well as mythic plus. We’ve had a slow start in BoD but we’re ready to get back into mythic, fully commited to get as far as possible. We’re looking for any DPS both melee and ranged, to bolster our team. We also offer a bench spot, to those who cannot commit to our 2 raid nights a week. Our raid nights are: Wednesday & Sunday @ 20:15-23:30 CET (server time)

We’re a LGBTQ+ and disability friendly guild, who will respect and love you for who you are. Many of our members agree that Leviathan is a place to stay if you want friends for life. Friends you could even call family.

Not only are we a raiding guild, but we are also an active and social multi-gaming community. Many of our most active members aren’t part of the raid team, and they help create our lively atmosphere and endearing community just as much as anyone.
Many of us stream or produce content on YouTube, and there’s constant, daily discussion on all manner of topics on our Discord server. If it sounds like something for you, please add me on discord: Hinami#0339
or join our discord: discord.gg/KbrEZ83 and PM hinami.
Or you can search for Leviathan on Tarren Mill Horde side on wowprogress for more information and easier links to click!


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