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Classic WoW - <Look Alive> [A] HC - PvE on PvP server

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Good afternoon this is a post meant for future classic wow release

<Look Alive> [A] HC Eu guild on a PvP Server is recruiting ambitious players for the upcoming classic release.

About us: 
    - We are an estabilished core of players spanning through several servers, most with experience all throughout Naxxramas
    - We strive to become the server best PvE guild on our future PvP server of choice.
    - We will push to achieve several world-boss kills as a leaders of coallition
    - Present and competetive on various vanilla and TBC servers under different flags
What we provide:
    - An outstanding raiding enviroment lead by an experienced raid-leader with years of experience in leading in both PvE and PvP 
    - Announced speedclears and speedruns for content on farm
    - A welcoming and mature social enviroment which share a strong and friendly community in and outside of raids
What are we looking for:
    - Experienced and competetitive players who are dedicated to the game, the class and their character
    - A player who understands that his performance, attendance and attitude directly reflects his gains
    - Person with focused attitude which fits mature social and raiding enviroment
Raiding related information:
    - Raiding days will be wednesday and sunday from 19:00-23:00(CET)
    - Loot will be handled via loot council
    - Raiding with full raid having consumables and buffs
    - We are currently recruiting all ambitious prospects who are able to prove their dedication to their class and char
    - We require exceptional applications  with high-end raiding profile or private server raid logs
    - When applying please be prepared for in-depth player analysis.
Website: https://classicguild.wixsite.com/lookalive/
Recruitment officer: discord Vesper#0001  which is also preferable contact method


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