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A few questions from a beginner disc priest

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I've recently gotten into disc healing and I wanted to ask a few questions that aren't covered in your typical guides. I know everything is situational, but in general I'd like to just know how you handle these situations.


(1) Do you ever use the spells Heal or Greater Heal outside of maybe stacking SS on the tank? As Holy I find plenty of chances to use them, with the faster casts and all, but as Discipline it feels kind of useless considering Smite provides more healing than Heal and has a faster cast time as well. As for Greater Heal... I just tend to get sniped when trying to use it.


(2) What do you typically like to do when your legendary cloak procs? Do you just heal as you normally would, or do you tend to mix your strategy up? Any favorite spells for it? I just got my cloak today and I don't think I'm maximizing its potential.


(3) Same as Q2, but for the meta gem. What do you do when it procs? Spam PW:S on as many people as possible? Right now I'm actually using the haste meta gem because I like being able to blanket more SS + PoH's but I'm going to go back to the healer one I'm pretty sure.


(4) What would you recommend for raid frames? Right now I'm just using ElvUI but I see a lot of healer videos where their raid frames give a lot more information. I was wondering if there were any tailored for Discipline.


Another UI question (sorry), but how about something that alerts you about cloak/meta gem procs?



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if theres a lot of damage going to a tank sometimes i cast greater heal on them just to get focus up sooner.


ignore cloak, pws or cascade for meta


i like "VuhDo." its awesome for disc. you can set hostile spells as well as friendly. so when i hover over a friendly and scroll up it casts pom and over a hostile it casts smite. i use the same ui on my shaman and have a cap here. in 25s i dont show everyone's target but the target/focus/tank panel stays the same so i can just smite either tanks target, or my focus, or my target.


"Tell Me When" is nice for tracking procs.

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1) I never use them except Malkorok, but there's no reason for a disc to be fighting Malkorok anyway, you should be shadow or holy for that fight.


2) I use DPS cloak, so I ignore it.  The stats are better, the proc is decent dps, and the healing cape's proc is garbage for us.


3) Shield both tanks.  Or, shield boss's current tank and cascade on that tank as well.  Or, shield and SW:Pain.  On the side, I posted a weakaura for the legendary metagem proc about a week ago, I highly recommend it.  Abusing free sheilds for the mana return gives you so much free mana, you won't need as much spirit.


4) Grid for raid frames, Clique for actual casting.  For anything I throw against bosses, I just have those on my actionbars and 1/2/3 for my 3 attonement spells and 4 for my mana macro.


If you have any other questions, feel free to ask.

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1) Personally I do not use them during a fight.  Id recommend using Atonement or Defensive Penance instead of either Heal or GHeal if the situation arises that you think you need either.  The off chance that IF is not being used in opening of the fight, I will PoM/PWS/PrePot/IF/Gheal on pull for the extra shield on the tank.


2) Ignore the Cloak Proc. and heal normally.  Using the DPS cloak is an option based your playstyle and feel for the spec.  Garbage is not the term that immediately comes to mind and I would recommend trying both and finding which one suits you best.  My counterpart uses the DPS one and I use the Healing version.


3) Track the Meta Proc with a WeakAura. Use the Meta Proc to PWS a tank/or a nontank that will use full benefit of PWS/Level 90 Spell


4) A lot of the UI's offer a full range of cumstomizing. I bounce back and forth between Vuhdu and Healbot for my Raid Frames.  My counterpart uses ElvUI and loves it.


Extra) I definitely recommend WeakAuras for tracking almost everything, not just limiting it to your Meta Proc. HERE is the forum post w/ the WeakAura for the Meta Proc

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