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5 Things That I Miss from Legion

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53 minutes ago, Highfather said:

(...)Probably the #1 feature from Legion I miss is the ability to change your playstyle  through the use of Leggos. I would go as far as to say I miss that more than anything taken from WOW ever. Those leggos made playing my character fun, something in bfa that my characters are in desperate need of. (...)


Whole heartily agree with you on that !
Right now playstyle is riggid and booooooooooooring ...
I loved in Legion the fact that I could adapt to each mm+ affixe by using specific legendaries and enjoy each playstyle. 

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18 hours ago, Dractus said:

Artifact weapons were horrid, Class halls pointless, and Legendary items where CANCER (oh you do horrible DPS because you can't get lucky getting a random drop once every 2 weeks? o super fun). The last 2 are different. I miss teir a TON!! and the story was being better-built in legion but the first 3 Oh god no! put the booze down before you write stuff.

Yeah, this reply is cancer.  On to more important things...

In my opinion the author is spot on.  Like every expansion, Legion had it's downsides, but having a class hall and an artifact weapon made my character feel a bit more important in the story line.  So far, Battle for Azeroth is graphically gorgeous, but fundamentally boring.  Until things get better, I've gone on to trying out other roles in the game, tanking for the first time a few nights ago, and leveling a healer as well.  Let's hope we don't have to wait for the next expansion for things to get good again.

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While i agree that HoA isn't better than artifacts, i think a lot of the appeal of them was the fact that they were lore heavy, awesome weapons, and that you could unlock new skins for them through a variety of content.  


The order halls themselves were OK, some of them were much cooler than others.  The class storyline though, was amazing, and having questing content that is independent of what zone you are in is something that was very prevalent in older expacs, especially vanilla.  THAT makes the world feel big, when you are busy in azuna and also need to quest in EPL or something.  


Legendaries in Legion were probably one of the worst implementations of player choice ever, pretty much the same as Azerite traits but fewer and farther between. 

The Narrative WAS pretty good, although the suramar gating was kind of annoying when i swapped mains during nighthold and had to redo a bunch of stuff to see the rest of the illidan/guldan story, i eventually gave up and don't think i ever saw it to the end.  Rep/quest gating in general in this game is starting to REALLY get old, and while some ease on the restrictions recently (with transmog and toys) are very much welcome, having SO much tied to individual reps makes playing alts a less rewarding experience without taking too much time away from mains.  


Tier sets going away was sad, but the way they presented the change legit made sense.  I was actually excited to see what sort of awesome armor sets we'd get without being restricted to seemingly forced iterations of class flavor/theme, and was looking forward to super cool titan armor.  Uldir gear for most armor types was pretty bland, with a few exceptions, leveling/dungeon gear was VERY disappointing and seems to get worse every expansion. (although i do like my rogue's pirate set). The BoDA sets are somewhat cool, with mythic being the only really good looking ones at all, and the leather set seeming like a rehash of warlords purchasable set from the garrison.  SUPER disappointing that Crucible isn't going to have unique appearance since the theme of the raid has literally nothing to do with BoDA, yet is reusing assets.  seems VERY lazy, and seems to go against the very reasons/compromise they gave for eliminating tiersets.  The tier set bonuses themselves, however, could have been a better implementation of azerite traits, and i'm not sure why they didn't just look at the 42+ bonuses PER CLASS (with new classes having slightly less) for inspiration on azerite traits instead of "oh you stab the guy randomly and he bleeds".  


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One thing I'll note has gone downhill from Legion is the plot/storyline.

Legion had its fair share of headscratchers and plot holes (like where the hell were any horde of note?   Why were the pillars of creation so stupid important at the start of the expansion only to become irrelevant?).    But for the most part the plot was cohesive, made sense, and was engaging.     We had some "Holy #%@$" moments when Illidan, after sealing away the Burning Legion again, decides to open a planet sized portal in the sky to argus to force the war, or Gul'Dan's defeat, etc.    The plot overall worked.

BFA?    So many, many bad plot points.    So many characterizations done poorly with the dumbest of motivations.   Just a few examples:

1) Rexxar, Champion of the Horde, says he joined the (morally questionable) war because "Jaina, She's killed too many."...wait when the hell has Jaina ever killed any large groups anywhere?    The only kinda sorta thing was the blood elf guards in Dalaran, which was a small group and very arguably justified.     Compared to the actions of other faction leader's and she's barely killed anyone.

2) Let me get this straight.   Sylvannas conducts a blitzkrieg style offense out of nowhere toward the night elves and their home, through which she ends up mortally wounding Malfurion and forcing Tyrande to run to bring him to safety.    She then has a quick change in plans and burns down the world tree containing many night elf civilians and children, screaming as they die.

And then the night elves are resurrected and voluntarily join Sylvannas because...Elune and Tyrande failed to protect them from Sylvannas?    What kind of crackhead logic is that?   

3) Just before BFA, we were whizzing around on a Legion-destroying spaceship with Velen and the Draneii, using Light powered mechs and super weapons in argus.    Suddenly, we're back to wooden siege catapults and primitively equipped soldiers on both sides?    Granted, these catapults were somehow able to throw boulders for ridiculous distance so maybe there's something to them? 

4) Speaking of #3, Sylvannas's whole reason for war was so the Alliance wouldn't have a usable port on Kalimdor and to consolidate the Horde's hold.    But...you know, there's another island with another alliance faction -within eyesight- of the World Tree.    Where the hell did the Draneii run off to?    Were Turalyon and Velen just eating popcorn as they watched the tree burn?      Does Sylvannas think a giant tree is a better alliance port option than a island filled with space-tech level spacegoats?

I could go on and on, but the story is just making me depressed at this point 😕    I haven't even gotten to my feelings on "Light forged" undead and creepy floaty void elves who were banished because "that's bad magic you shouldn't tamper with" (said the green eyed fel elf).

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2 hours ago, Migol said:

One thing I'll note has gone downhill from Legion is the plot/storyline.


Yeah, but Legion was the finale of a storyline spawning multiple expansions (the roots of Legion go back as far as SoO and the Trial of Garrosh), whereas with BfA they are trying to introduce something new into the game. That being actually the reintroduction of "war" into Warcraft, which I kinda like even despite the plotholes. It's true that this Horde vs Alliance war story is not super-refined, but I believe the content patches we've played so far are only the beginning of a longer (again: multi-expansion long) journey. I'd give the team some time to see where they will get to by the beginning of the next expansion, but in general I very much enjoy the hatred raging between the red and blue sides by default, instead of the two factions walking hand-in-hand.
To summarize I like the theme of BfA storyline better, even if the execution is certainly not as flawless as it was in Legion.

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I agree with what everyone else is saying for the most part. I didnt mind the grind of Artifact weapons and Legendaries in Legion, they felt rewarding. The more we had to grind, the more we were rewarded with strength in our weapon or with legendary items. 

One thing that really really bugs me with BfA is how unrewarding it feels. I absolutely HATE that everything is personal loot and that the options for loot for guilds was taken away. I personally hate RNG, as a way to give loot. As a guild lead/raid leader that has a regular raid ever week, it feels completely crappy to have someone "take a break from wow" and then come back and get geared faster than someone who has been raiding the entire time the raid has been out.  Some people are extremely lucky with RNG and can do very little work and still get very rewarded. I guess that goes back to things feeling very unrewarding.   I also hate that they made legacy raids the same, so farming those for gold is pointless.

I loved Legion. The store was fun and I enjoyed a lot of aspects of that expansion. BfA, has me hoping it well end sooner rather than later. They have made it so I don't feel very involved with the current battle.

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I do miss the artifact weapons but for purely selfish reasons. When it comes to RNG weapons have the lowest drop chance for me. In Legion I didn't have to worry about that but for BfA it's gone back to the same situation where I get zero weapons and mostly gold or bracers.

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On the other hand right now you only need to get lucky with a single weapon and you are done.

In Legion you had to get lucky three times, on both ilvl of the relic AND the artifact power it boosted, in order to be any good.

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I am torn about Artifacts, I had been Retribution since like BC and was ECSTATIC that the Ashbringer was going to be mine (and all the others' as well, but I digress...) but I get the whole reason theyre gone.  It makes sense.  

Defeating the legion took a toll on the entire planet.  Literally and figuratively.  A big gaping wound, but also COUNTLESS heroes down for the count, and finally even the weapons that were used to push them back drained of their 'uniqueness' to finally end the threat.  

They said they'd be a one expansion thing and im glad they followed through.  It kept well with the whole 'worst threat to ever face the universe' theme.  

Heart of Azeroth has been a fitting replacement, kind of.  Just been poorly implemented.  Its just a 'slot i dont have to worry about,' vs something to actually enjoy having.  As a piece it makes sense expansion wise, but ...  just boring.  Completely Forgettable.

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On 4/8/2019 at 1:16 PM, Stan said:


In this article, I'm going through five main features from Legion that I miss in Battle for Azeroth, and why this expansion isn't as appealing to me.

#1 Artifacts

The Legion Artifact system was interesting and the progression felt great. At the end of the day, you worked towards unlocking new traits and skins for your Artifact. The system became much more linear with the introduction of the infinite Artifact trait, Concordance of the LegionfallConcordance of the Legionfall. Blizzard tried to eliminate that by overhauling the entire system and the introduction of Azerite Armor, which didn't frankly work out in Battle for Azeroth at launch.

I don't really know why Blizzard constantly feels the urge to reinvent the wheel with major features of the game that are well received among the community. I think it would have been better to keep Legion's Artifact system intact in Battle for Azeroth, and instead of adding an equivalent to Legion's infinite Concordance of the LegionfallConcordance of the Legionfall trait, it would have made more sense to add new traits with each major patch to give players something to work on.

To answer Ion's question related to how bad it would feel should we never see real weapon drop again, well, we've got transmogrification and Legion offered many cool weapon appearances, like Hammer of VigilanceHammer of Vigilance from Maiden and Scythe of the UnmakerScythe of the Unmaker from Argus the Unmaker. On top of that, we had many Artifact appearances and tints that could be unlocked by doing various activities, so you never really grew tired of your Artifact appearance.


#2 Class Order Halls

Order Halls gave your character identity and added an extra layer of depth. Blizzard should have harnessed the full potential of these places in Battle for Azeroth. Why not simply reuse them and add extra quests to make them feel fresh, when they were specifically tailored for each Class? I believe resources that went into designing Order Halls were huge and put to waste, because currently, there's no incentive to visit them right now beyond the scope of Legion.


#3 Legendary Items

Although the system and bad luck protection were met with a lot of critique in Legion, Legendaries and the moment of surprise made endgame content fun, which even applied to world quests.

For those of you that didn't play in Legion, there were multiple Legendaries for each Class that had a chance to drop by participating in various content that included dungeons, raids, world quests emissaries, all had a chance to yield a Legendary item that you have not earned yet. There was even a system in place that allowed you to purchase Legendary tokens in the endgame. In Battle for Azeroth, we have no Legendary items yet.


#4 The Story Narrative

In Legion, YOU as a player were the Hero, wielding an Artifact, fighting alongside important lore characters to put an end to Legion and I think Battle for Azeroth feels super disconnected in that regard. We're noticing a different narrative and follow the stories of multiple lore characters, be it Jaina's reunion with Katherine, Sylvanas resurrecting literally everyone in the War Campaign, Zekhan, Baine, or Saurfang. I'm really missing the individual Class quests that we had in Legion on top of the main storyline.


#5 Tier Sets

In Battle for Azeroth, we have no sets or bonuses. Blizzard's argument as to why they abandoned TIer sets in this expansion is that it allows them to introduce raid-themed gear. I'd personally much rather see a 22nd take on a Warlock set than a generic set for all armor type wearers. Luckily enough, we have 21 Tier Sets and transmogrification until Tier sets return in a future expansion.


Do you miss anything from Legion? How do you feel about the current expansion when you compare it with Legion? Let us know in the comments down below!

An overview of 5 things removed in Legion that I'd like to see in Battle for Azeroth.

All of the same. It was a great expansion, and it was 100% better than BFA

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I absolutely agree :)! I'd add the Mage Tower Challenges!!! One of the best things Legion had :'3!!

Amazing post, Stan!! Keep it up (Y) :D!

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