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Weak Auras help

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Hello guys, this is my first post here.

I started using Weak Auras this week and everything was alright. But today I decided to do something to help me in my frost mage rotation.


What I wanted now is something that showed the next spell in my rotation, that was easy and in about half an hour I had everything set up, but in the end there was a problem. I use Frost Bomb, and I wanted to make the icon disappear disappear when I started casting instead of when I finish casting. Can anyone help me with it?


Thanks in advance. 

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The trigger type you are looking for is a combat log trigger which can get pretty complicated. Which means you are writing a script to have the addon read your combat battle text. I personally have never written one so I would not be able to help you in this particular instance. I just wanted you to know it can be done. 


Maybe someone else can write it for you.

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    • By repodude
      I'm pretty good with weak auras and even some lua code but i cannot for the life of me figure out how to make this weak aura.
      heres the basic function i want:
      Prototype Personal Decimator - only fires a missile when you are at least 10 yards away.
      I want the icon to show when I am <10 yards ( too close) to my target to remind me to back up. Once i am >=10 yards, i want the icon to hide.
      it sounds simple but i cant figure it out
      can anyone help me figure this out please ? :)
    • By palles
      A weak aura set up to help with fury warrior. Enrage is just the enrage icon on the left side, the other two are both part of the rotation helper.
      Basically shows when enraged, and tells you what buttons to press.
      UPDATE 8/29/16
      Moved weak aura's to center of screen, took the WW one out of the rotation helper, now when it is active use it instead of raging blow or furious slash. The Bloodthirst during this time can be a little off, I'm not certain if you should only do it when not enraged or if you should be using it on CD. I may modify the WA's to have the aoe button show up when multiple targets are around, but have the full rotation there instead of just the WW button like it is now. Also moved everything to Wago.io
      UPDATE 8/6/16
      Alright I just released an updated Rotation Helper, this one will suggest Bloodthirst/Raging Blow if the CD is less than 1.5s, instead of suggesting Furious Slash. Note that this is a little off if you have ANY haste. If you want it to be right you need to modify 4 Weak Aura's.
      Bloodthirst - GCD
      Bloodthirst - Enrage - GCD
      Raging Blow - GCD
      Raging Blow - Enrage - GCD
      On all of these, for the first trigger you need you change the remaining time from 1.5 to whatever you GCD is
      If you need to figure out what your GCD is, I use the following macro to do so:
      /cast Furious Slash
      /run local f=GcT or CreateFrame("Frame","GcT") f:SetScript("OnUpdate",function() print("CD:",(select(2,GetSpellCooldown("Furious Slash")))) f:Hide() end) f:Show()
      UPDATE 8/15/16
      Added seperate bar for CDs (should have all covered, including orc/troll racial)
      Added Odyn's Fury
      Changed how WW works. (If there are atleast 3 targets in range it will always show the WW icon, basically, as well as the number of mobs in range in the center of the icon.)
      Some other minor bug fixes in the rotation helper.
      Added Bladestorm (I'm not really sure when this is supposed to be used TBH so right now it shows if 3 mobs in range and off CD.)
      Link: https://wago.io/NkFH7O65b

      Video: https://youtu.be/Z4zoMQTgLvs
      Video: https://youtu.be/uimyjcq_dvg
    • By palles
      Threeks Protection Weak Aura's are complete. Pretty basic, a rotation helper and some timers and things. 
      UPDATE 8/29/16: Moved everything to wag.io for ease of use. Moved icons to centered area below character model. Will create and update a new video today. Moved to a slightly different method for showing when to devastate. Changed Shield block icon to a bar. Revenge is still suggested single target, if you want to skip out on using it single target then just hit devastate instead, I am sticking with it for now, though may change my mind in the future and update it to only show with 2 targets. 
      UPDATE: Now Thunderclap icon only shows when there are at least 3 mobs in melee range. (May try and make the range detector on this better at a later date, for now it works to 8yds, not the 16 you have if you have the talent.)
      Link: https://wago.io/NyTrm_Tqb
      Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Id6KIJds59M&feature=youtu.be
      AoE: https://youtu.be/y4Y-7fASIf4
      (credit to http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/2043837-weakauras-Ignore-Pain-Bar-String-WARRIOR moved location and added timer)
      (Thanks for http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/...s-within-range for help with Thunderclap)
      (credit: http://pastebin.com/wmtiHv6D the location is all that is moved in mine)
      (credit to Pwnzie in this very thread.)
    • By Shells
      Have been looking for a WA for UH BoS.
      Found 1 so far to track RP while BoS is up and one rotation helper. 
      Not sure how upto date they are so wanted to ask if anyone had one they wouldnt mind sharing. 
      Thanks in advance.
    • By Scott25632
      These are for Windwalker spec mostly. All but 1st one are only set to load while in combat.

      Legacy of the White Tiger Buff Check:
      CODE - IMAGE
      Custom Chi Tracking Bar:
      CODE - IMAGE
      Energizing Brew Timer:
      CODE - IMAGE
      Tiger Power Wanes:
      CODE - IMAGE
      Hurricane Strike Monitor:
      CODE - IMAGE
      I have electric sfx set to play on available.
      Fists of Fury Ready:
      CODE - IMAGE
      It will display punching hand animtion over your character when Fists of Fury is off CD.
      All-in-One Tigereye Brew Tracking:
      CODE - IMAGE
      I know a lot of people have had issues with this because the stacking buff & dmg buff have same name & many said it couldn't be done without enabling full scan which uses high CPU. I did it and it works really well... Also I have panther sfx set to play on use.
      NOTE: The stack-tracking only shows when you have at least one stack, and the buff timer shows when you use Tigereye Brew. If for some reason you allow the stacking buff to fade, it may erroneous display the timer for the last 15 seconds before it fades. But if you waste your TEB, you dun goofed anyway...

      Hope someone finds some of these useful. Feel free to post any changes you make to them.
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