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[Dalaran] [A] <Tortollan Rum Runners> Social Casual Guild

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Tortollan Rum Runners

About Us

The Tortollan Rum Runners is a Social Casual Raiding guild in World of Warcraft. We have set our sights on completing Normal Difficulty End Game content and having fun as a guild.

Though we mention we are a raiding guild we don't just focus on raiding, we have done things such as Overwatch nights, mythic + pushes, old raid achievements, or misc other games. We also do an annual Secret Santa Gift Exchange IRL and In-Game and in the past have held IRL Gatherings in South Carolina.

We understand people have lives, jobs and things going on outside the game and will be flexible while maintaining a fun, low stress environment.

We recently transferred from Fizzcrank to Dalaran and are now rebuilding our ranks on our new home.  Due to this we are extremely small at the moment but working to increase our roster.

So what are we looking for in a member?

We are looking for mature individuals who enjoy playing video games and want a social group to be a part of, completing content in WoW and playing other games on the side. We are open to people who have never raided before or are new to the game. We do not mind teaching and helping people out. 

Compassion and understanding is important to us as we have had issues in the past with elitist behavior. We also ask for a bit of patience while we work on filling our roster.

What Roles are you looking for?

Currently we are recruiting DPS and Healers to rebuild our raid team. We are also open to Tanks with dps/healer off specs that don't mind being flexible.

We are always open to those that are just looking for a home to do dungeons, level, island expeditions, warfronts or pvp with.

What are the plans for raiding?

Once our roster has grown enough we plan on a Two Night Schedule.

Wednesday and Thursday evenings 8:30 to 10:30 PM Eastern

This will leave other nights open for other content such as PvP, Mythic +, Warfronts, or other games.

Have Questions or Ready to Sign Up?

If all that sounds good then take a look at our website www.tortollan.xyz and put in an application!

We ask that all potential recruits put in an application as it helps us get to know you. We also have our guild charter on the website that goes over in more detail how the guild works.

You can also reach us via

Faiery - Recruitment Officer

· Battle net - Faiery#1306

· Discord - Faiery#8731

Ziri - Guild Master

· Battle net - Ziriuso#1680

· Discord - Ziri#0004

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We are slowly building our ranks, most of us play weeknights between 7 and 10 PM Eastern. We are at 14 accounts now in the guild and looking for me so that we can start doing more things as a group.

I also have experience running a Heroic raiding guild throughout legion that successfully got AOTC each tier.  Made the switch to alliance this expansion and just looking to get things off the ground and have fun seeing content without stressing over higher difficulty.

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