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Patch 8.2 Content Preview: Taliesin & Evitel

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Many content creators have been flown to Blizzard HQ to test out Patch 8.2 in advance before it hits PTR next week and here are information from Taliesin & Evitel not covered in yesterday's Rise of Azshara content preview.

Taliesin & Evitel Patch 8.2 Content Preview Highlights

Azerite Powers

  • There will be new raid-specific and dungeon-specific Azerite traits to collect in Patch 8.2 and Season 3. The only change with traits is that you will be able to unlock them right away, since progression is now part of the Heart itself.

Azshara's Eternal Raid Palace

  • The third underwater boss encounter does not include any 3D mechanics, requiring you to know exactly where any of the raid members are.
    • The boss doesn't move during the fight.
    • There are 3 platform with different mechanics.
    • Swim speed underwater is exactly the same as run speed.
    • Breath doesn't play any role in the fight.
    • Druids will have an advantage in this encounter.
  • Lady Ashvane is a boss in the new raid.
  • Ion said that we will know who the final boss of BfA is based on the events of the raid.

Heart of Azeroth & Essences

  • There are many Essences to collect and level up in the new Heart of Azeroth system. You will be able to collect different Essences from raids, faction quartermasters, achievements, PvP, and Mythic+.
  • Holinka said all Essences will work the same way in PvP, but there are some doubts about that, because they're overpowered.
  • We have role-agnostic, Class-specific and neutral Essences that synergize with each other.
    • There is one neutral Essence that reduces the cooldown of different spells based on your Class. Discipline Priests can have a lower cooldown on Rapture Rapture, the major effect has a small chance to proc Rapture Rapture.
  • Ion said you should be able to collect six Essences by the end of the week Patch 8.2 is live.
  • You will be able to swap out Essences just like talents at no reforging cost. You will need to be in a rested area and have a tome though.

Mount Equipment

  • The items will be craftable through Professions. You can swap them out whenever you want, but they will get destroyed in the process.
  • Water Striders will be nerfed and have no water walking in Rise of Azshara, but if you worked hard to earn one, you will find BoA water walking mount equipment in your mail.

Pathfinder, Part Two Requirements & Flying

  • The achievement will have reputation requirements from both the Mechagon & Nazjatar factions, probably Revered. They're heavily inspired by how they did it in Legion and Patch 7.2. You can find more details here.
  • If you're a Death Knight with Path of Frost Path of Frost, you'll never need water walking and stick to different mount equipment. The same applies to Blood Death Knights with daze prevention and water walking. They only need to slot the parachute.


  • The mechabike mount below is rewarded from the Mechagon meta-achievement.



  • Mechagon is slightly larger than the Timeless Isle, but not as vertical. Nazjatar is huge.
  • There will not be a huge pass of Class changes in Patch 8.2.
  • Mechagon is more like a sandbox and a grinding zone. You collect resources from events and mobs that you kill to unlock a variety of things.
  • Soft time gating on Mechagon happens through visitors that visit the zone each day to offer different kinds of quests, similar to what we had in Garrisons.
  • According to Jeremy Feasel, Mechagon has more secrets per inch than any other zone in the game, some will be more obvious that others.
  • There's a central area where you turn in all your resources at a robot named Pascal and War Mode will be disabled there, but enabled in the rest of the zone. Expect massive PvP.
  • Star rares that won't pop up too frequently will be up on Mechagon.


  • Mechagon and Nazjatar will be FULLY UNLOCKED ON DAY #1.
  • Azshara's Eternal Palace Raid & Operation: Mechagon dungeon will open on Week #2 or #3Both will launch SIMULTANEOUSLY and not in Patch 8.2.5.


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I find T&E to be the least biased and most realistic youtube channel covering WoW. Really enjoy their show, keep it up guys!


Used to watch Bellular, but hes turned into a bit of a *filtered*. He discusses subjects that he obviously has no knowledge of and uses embarrassing analysis to draw poor conclusions.  

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16 minutes ago, ThomasC said:

[Bellular] discusses subjects that he obviously has no knowledge of and uses embarrassing analysis to draw poor conclusions.  

"aS a GaMe DeVeLoPeR mYsElF!" 

seriously, ever since he started his company, he got very obnoxious whenever he talks about game design.

back to the topic: I've seen people call the essences "netherlight crucible 2.0" but to me it's more akin to the old glyph system. as long as the acquisition doesn't involve any RNG, this might actually be fun. I just hope that once they figure it all out, they don't throw it all away next expansion for some over half-cooked brainfart like azerite armor...

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3 hours ago, Stan said:

Water Striders will be nerfed and have no water walking in Rise of Azshara, but if you worked hard to earn one, you will find BoA water walking mount equipment in your mail.

...that seems ridiculous.  

Like those mounts that fly and never land, not being able to fly at all.

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3 hours ago, Stan said:

The second underwater boss encounter does not include any 3D mechanics, requiring you to know exactly where any of the raid members are.

Im not sure how I feel about this.  It'll be darn interesting. 

I like that theyre trying new things with raids, the BDA  raid /side swap/ mechanic was a neat change of pace.  

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