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Patch 8.2: Tauren Heritage Armor

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In Rise of Azshara, Tauren will be able to embark on a quest to get their Heritage Armor. Check out our preview of the set!


You need a level 120 Tauren character and be Exalted with Thunder Bluff to start the quest chain. You must also complete the Stay of Execution Scenario.


The Tauren Heritage Armor Set includes 8 items:

The giant totem is part of the chest armor, similar to the Highmountain Tauren Heritage Set. The bulky eagle shoulders look really great, what do you think?

Female Tauren


Male Tauren


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1 hour ago, Ragingwolf said:

I really love this Heritage Armor set and it makes me reminisce from playing Warcraft 3 for the very first time.


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Can't wait for Warcraft III: Remastered later in the year! THAT will remind me fully of it 😄 meanwhile check out "Back2Warcraft" on google/youtube/discord, great community and tons of pro gameplay still ongoing!

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I like how this set looks, obviously based on W3, though Reforged version still looks better in my opinion. From what I read quests are pretty boring and it's hard to place them within current storyline (Baine is still walking free, when he should be under arrest).

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Honestly, the totem should be part of a the cape (would need to be added), instead of the chest. It should be cape-optional, since it's on the back.

Edited by DravenXcore
Would need to add a cape to the heirloom list, though.

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