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[Mal'Ganis][H] <Victory Lap> (8/8H 4/8M) Tues/Thurs LFM!

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Victory Lap is a group of former top-end raiders looking to approach raiding with a more relaxed, yet progression-focused mindset. If you are the type of raider that enjoys efficient progression on a light schedule, we want you.


Tuesday and Thursday 8:00p - 11:00p CST (6 hours/week)

* Mandatory Monday raid day only on raid opening week and mythic raid opening
* We do not go over time and we do not raid on major US holidays
* We do not recruit for the bench and maintain a smaller roster, rotating people only for fight specifications
* We expect near 100% attendance (however, we do understand things happen in real life and ask if possible to inform officers to give ample time to find a replacement)

Current Recruitment Needs

  • Warlock
  • Warrior (dd)

We will always consider exceptional applicants regardless of our current recruitment needs.

What you can expect from us

* A relaxed mythic raiding environment with little pressure to perform maintenance tasks outside of raid
* A punctual raid group, we start on time and we do not put in extra pulls
* Strong leadership with an emphasis on communication and efficiency to be able to progress through mythic on just six hours a week
* The ability to determine who you want to raid with, all raiders get a vote on whether or not a trial passes
* You keep your loot, we do not council or ask that you trade pieces regardless of their tradeable status (don't be a *filtered* though)
* All consumables (besides potions) provided for you by the guild

What we expect from you

We aim to be extremely efficient with our time. That being said, we expect raiders to:

* Be on and prepared 15 minutes before raid so that we can pull on time
* Have up-to-date knowledge on their class/spec
* Have an understanding of simc/raidbots and pawn where applicable
* Analyze warcraft logs for personal performance gains
* We require a boss mod, exorsusraidtools (ert), and weakauras

If you are interested, please fill out a quick (two minute) application at: https://vlguild.com

If you have questions, please contact:
Bnet: Hamkins#11686
Discord: Hamkins#0861

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