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Need Frost DPS help

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Leveled as Frost, which was pretty much a faceroll and then switched to Blood to tank for a while.  Now I'm trying to get back into doing some Frost 2H DPS and I'm trying to learn how to do it properly according to this site, but I'm having a really hard time...


I'm looking at the single target rotation: https://www.icy-veins.com/frost-death-knight-wow-pve-dps-rotation-cooldowns-abilities


Basically this is what I get from it:


1. Keep diseases up

2. Obliterate whenever is available

3. Frost Strike when Runic Power is high

4. Howling Blast ONLY when Rime proc's


Okay so I'm just running around Timeless Isle trying to kill elites.  Let's say I just killed one and my Outbreak is on CD.  I goto the next Elite:


1. Howling Blast

2. Plague Strike

3. Obliterate

4. Obliterate

5. Now if I didn't get a Rime proc or Killing Machine, I'm sitting back waiting for 6-8 SECONDS do nothing


My Runic Power isn't high enough to use Frost Strike.  I don't have a Rime Proc so I'm not supposed to use Howling Blast.  Killing Machine doesn't proc sometimes.  So I'm stuck here just auto attacking for 6-8 seconds.


It seems like it's like this all the time.  I'll have these bursts of damage, then sit back and wait 8 seconds for Runes to be available for Obliterate.


Pretty much the only attack you are doing consistently is Obliterate and the others are situational (got a Rime Proc or Runic Power too high, or time to refresh Runes, etc).  Seems too simple that I must missing something....


Yeah I'm using Plague Leech but that is 25 sec CD, and I'm Blood Tapping but since I'm only Frost Striking when Runic Power is too high, I usually only get 5 stacks of Blood Tap every 20-30 seconds or so.


So what am I missing here?  Any help would be appreciated.

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For the above example you should be able to frost strike a few times while the runes regenerate and throw in a HoW in between if nothing procs. What do you mean my Runic Power isn't high enough? You should have generated plenty of RP from your first 4 attacks. Only reason I can think of that not happening is if you are not in frost presence. If you are changing specs, make sure you get back into the right presence.

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From a purely farming stuff standpoint there are a few things in the rotation and talents that won't work as well for short duration fights.


Plague leech especially won't be very beneficial for 2h if you're already rune starved and having trouble keeping up diseases, and you're only doing short pulls. I'd swap it for unholy blight just in this specific case. One pull you can outbreak, next pull you can unholy blight, next pull outbreak should be ready again. keeping diseases up is more important for 2h then the extra 2 runes every 25 seconds in this case because it's giving you 25% more damage on your obliterates.


swap blood tap for runic empowerment. Blood tap offers more consistency and control over rune regeneration, and it is the best choice for DW frost where you can turn an unholy rune into a death rune for howling blast. but for 2H any rune can be used towards obliterate. Runic empowerment offers slightly higher rune regen, in theory you should get a rune proc roughly every 2-3 frost strikes.


gem and reforge for some haste. If you're having resource issues you need more haste. Haste is the strongest stat for 2h until you are resource capped (generating more runes and runic power than you can use). then Crit is the best stat after you reach that point. the haste "softcap" for being resource capped is somewhere around 70-80% for 2h

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