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<Blood Moon> recruiting for CLASSIC WOW [EU] [A]

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EU // Alliance // PvP

\ Semi-Hardcore /

Raid Times: CEST/GMT+2 - 18:30, Friday and Saturday for 40man/progression + optional raids during the week for zg/onyxia/raids on farm

Loot System: Loot Council

LGuild Bank: via Discordchannel & updated google spreadsheet

LOUR DISCORD: discord.gg/VquUGmu

About us: We intend to level at a medium pace. That means we won't stop to smell the roses or "explore" every corner of azeroth but we do not want to rush the game either.

Instead we hope to do all sorts of fun guild activities together along the way, such as guild-only dungeon runs (off-meta builds aka. memespecs are fine, too), lots of pvp, etc.

PvE: We would like our core raid roster to be raid ready within 2-3 months after launch. Hoping to clear all PvE content in time and try to step foot into naxxramas when it launches.

PvP: While we're not too pvp focused, we still want to do some organized wpvp together during phase 1 and 2 and some battlegrounds later on.

Most importantly, we wish our members to help each other, even if it means to slow down their own progress in exchange!

One of us is being ganked by that annoying undead rogue in lakeshire?

Go and help him out

One of us is short a tank for a dungeon?

Go and help him out

You need help with a difficult task?

We will help you out!


  • become a big guild with a friendly & mature playerbase
  • keeping the guild chat/discord alive
  • PH4T L00TZ
  • enjoying Classic together

Recruitment: We've started building our main raid roster and so far it looks like we only really lack paladins and maybe a few more hunters and druids. Nothing is set in stone though, which is why we're still recruiting all classes (except main tanks). We also accept Socials, Casuals and Non-raiders!

We do not enforce min-maxing and rushing but we do expect our future members to be experienced (or at least a little familiar) with classic wow (preferably no tourists).

If you're interested please contact me on Discord [Howaito#3139] or join OUR SERVER (discord.gg/VquUGmu)so we can get to know each other until Classic release!


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